MAC Spotlight: Paint Pots

    These adorable little pots might get lost in the MAC frenzy, but they are quickly becoming a stash staple!

  • beccasouffles

    Becca Souffles

    A sneak peak at 2 of the Becca Shimmering Skin Souffles. Great blushes and highlighters! Spoiler: they smell ah-mazing!

  • vanitytour

    Vanity Tour

    Ready for my vanity tour? The long-awaited video and photos are here!

  • chanelsummer2014

    Chanel Summer 2014

    A peek into 1 of my favorite summer launches! Chanel Summer 2014 knocks it out of the park… New Moon anyone?

  • oneloveorganics
  • africanbotanicsnerolioil

    African Botanics Essentials

    A review on 2 of my favorite African Botanics products – the Neroli infused Marula Oil and the Cleansing Oil.

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Guestroom Prep

We have someone visiting our house soon & this time I went through the bathroom and bedroom and got rid of all the old stuff and started fresh. We have someone here in September & my parents are coming in December (I’ll have to update with the extra special stuff I got for when she […] Read more…



Let’s ease back into all this, shall we? I remembered how much I loved this tag and how I had to stop due to… life…But I loved this tag. What’s interesting about picking it up where I left off is that initially I was digging through my stash, now I’ve got a few new things […] Read more…


New Hair & Update

So I was doing so good posting and then wham! I fall off the face of the earth! Well, I thought I’d do another quick post about my new hair cut and at the bottom, I’ll explain where I’ve been. So My mom scheduled me an appointment at Urban Euphoria while she was in town. […] Read more…


Day 5 of #the14daysofmakeup

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not sure why, but it seems like you guys are really like seeing what I’m wearing everyday. I feel like it’s insanely boring, and yet, they are quickly becoming my most popular videos/posts and instagram photos! So why stop a good thing? Let the day 5 recap […] Read more…


#14daysofmakeup Day 4

I’m not sure what’s so exciting about seeing what makeup I wear each day, but for some odd reason it seems you guys are liking these videos and photos. So I suppose I should keep it up? The thing I personally like about it is that since I know I’m showing you everyday I’ve really […] Read more…

Techno Cupcake | Zoe Organics | Eco Diva Beauty

Zoe Organics Mini Haul

So I think something really strange is happening to me. I am sort of inadvertently jumping on the green beauty bandwagon. So many of the new things I’m getting are gorgeous, eco-friendly, organic, cruelty free and just amazing. Awhile ago, I really tried to go cruelty free. It was a complete failure because I suffered […] Read more…


#14DaysofMakeup Day 2 & 3

Day 2 So I thought these videos were fun & “easy” to do when I was really tired. Who knew home renovations and work and life just knocks the wind out of you? I literally had 0 extra time yesterday so I only snapped photos of the products, nothing on my face. One of the […] Read more…



Bronzer Bunny was up on the twitterland last night talking about how she wanted to try doing something new called #14daysofmakeup. It’s really not complicated at all – you just take a photo of the makeup you wear for 14 days. It sounded really easy, but as I agreed, I realized I had no makeup […] Read more…


So Clutch

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t get hooked on YouTube because of makeup. It was actually the endless time I spent watching the “What’s in my Handbag?” videos. I spent a lot of time watching those. I was actually in love with handbags before my huge obsession with makeup (don’t get me […] Read more…

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