MAC Spotlight: Paint Pots

    These adorable little pots might get lost in the MAC frenzy, but they are quickly becoming a stash staple!

  • beccasouffles

    Becca Souffles

    A sneak peak at 2 of the Becca Shimmering Skin Souffles. Great blushes and highlighters! Spoiler: they smell ah-mazing!

  • vanitytour

    Vanity Tour

    Ready for my vanity tour? The long-awaited video and photos are here!

  • chanelsummer2014

    Chanel Summer 2014

    A peek into 1 of my favorite summer launches! Chanel Summer 2014 knocks it out of the park… New Moon anyone?

  • oneloveorganics
  • africanbotanicsnerolioil

    African Botanics Essentials

    A review on 2 of my favorite African Botanics products – the Neroli infused Marula Oil and the Cleansing Oil.

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Day 5 of #the14daysofmakeup

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not sure why, but it seems like you guys are really like seeing what I’m wearing everyday. I feel like it’s insanely boring, and yet, they are quickly becoming my most popular videos/posts and instagram photos! So why stop a good thing? Let the day 5 recap […] Read more…


#14daysofmakeup Day 4

I’m not sure what’s so exciting about seeing what makeup I wear each day, but for some odd reason it seems you guys are liking these videos and photos. So I suppose I should keep it up? The thing I personally like about it is that since I know I’m showing you everyday I’ve really […] Read more…

Techno Cupcake | Zoe Organics | Eco Diva Beauty

Zoe Organics Mini Haul

So I think something really strange is happening to me. I am sort of inadvertently jumping on the green beauty bandwagon. So many of the new things I’m getting are gorgeous, eco-friendly, organic, cruelty free and just amazing. Awhile ago, I really tried to go cruelty free. It was a complete failure because I suffered […] Read more…


#14DaysofMakeup Day 2 & 3

Day 2 So I thought these videos were fun & “easy” to do when I was really tired. Who knew home renovations and work and life just knocks the wind out of you? I literally had 0 extra time yesterday so I only snapped photos of the products, nothing on my face. One of the […] Read more…



Bronzer Bunny was up on the twitterland last night talking about how she wanted to try doing something new called #14daysofmakeup. It’s really not complicated at all – you just take a photo of the makeup you wear for 14 days. It sounded really easy, but as I agreed, I realized I had no makeup […] Read more…


So Clutch

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t get hooked on YouTube because of makeup. It was actually the endless time I spent watching the “What’s in my Handbag?” videos. I spent a lot of time watching those. I was actually in love with handbags before my huge obsession with makeup (don’t get me […] Read more…


Chanel Les Beiges

I fully realize have a log backlog of requested videos that I need to do, but sometimes I just get in a mood and I’m just like “I’m going to do this!!” I have no idea how this video and blog post really came about, but I was watching FlowerBomb31 talk about her favorite Chanel […] Read more…


Home Haul: The Honest Company

It came! It came! My most recent Honest Company Haul! I’ve been hearing a lot about The Honest Company lately and they recently started selling in Target, so I had to check it out. A few mom’s on YouTube did some video reviews on products and it was actually quite interesting to hear their thoughts. […] Read more…


The Counter Top Re-Do

There’s officially no going back. We decided to re-do our counter tops and apparently, we’re going for it. I’ll share more along the way as I think these types of things are interesting. There’s lots of stuff we still want to do to our house including a new couch and updating our master bathroom, so […] Read more…


LBD: Paint Pots

MAC is kind of one of those brands I’ll probably never figure out. Not really high-end, not really low-end. Releases so many new collections a day that no one can keep up. Has extremely… interesting… workers in their stores (by that I mean most are rude and ignore you and the one person that is […] Read more…

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