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Let’s ease back into all this, shall we? I remembered how much I loved this tag and how I had to stop due to… life…But I loved this tag. What’s interesting about picking it up where I left off is that initially I was digging through my stash, now I’ve got a few new things that I’ve been excited to share.

First, I just bought the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation and gave it it’s first full test today. I will say that I really like it, but the Armani Maestro foundation lasts a little better on me. I like the color match better on the YSL and it works pretty darn well. It’s a light plus foundation that can be built up and I prefer the finish a little better to the more matte Maestro. Overall, I’m really happy I bought it. I also will say that it is a little similar to the Perricone MD foundation serum that I LOVE but the color match is all wrong. I prefer the Perricone, but beggars can’t be choosers on great foundations.

I also used the Bobbi Brown Scotch eyeliner which I love (you know that!). I put the Eyes to Kill mascara by Armani on today and I really love it… I kind of forgot! I love how black my lashes are when I use it. I didn’t take another photo, but I also got the new YSL Gloss Volupte in 210. I’m OBSESSED. Like, oh…. holy gorgeousness!


Then there’s the Tom Ford! The new Softcore blush/highlight duo. I just got this and really love it. I found at a freestanding Tom Ford store. It’s supposed to be the plum color, but it is more of a reddish color on me. I applied lightly the other day and it looked like a little stain – super natural. Darker today it pulled even more red on me and still looked really pretty! Now the highlight… oh that gorgeous highlight! One of my favorites already. I’m SO glad I resisted the Chanel (that $80 gorgeous highlight, that looked pretty similar on as other highlighters) because this is more unique and oh so velvety soft. This was $77, but to get the blush and highlighter I feel happy with it.


Here’s the shadow palette I’ve been wearing non-stop. The Dreamer by Marc Jacobs. I will say that this isn’t really a complete palette, but I somehow find myself putting it on almost every day. I love the peachy gold shimmer shade (2nd from the right). The gold shade is also a stunner and I have found ways to work with the deeper brown shade. Today I just wore the peach all over the lid.


Some swatches for you! Bottom 2 are the Tom Ford – the blush on bottom and highlight on top. On the right of that is the YSL gloss in 210. Do you die? I die. The top 4 swatches are a few picks from the dreamer palette.

Well I hope you enjoyed! We are busy tomorrow night, so I’m not promising a long post, but I do hope I get the rest of my Tom Ford items by Weds to show you! Follow along on Instagram for the #14daysofmakeup

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  • Reply Agata

    Glad to see you back! All your picks are gorgeous! That Tom Ford duo is stunning and so is the Marc Jacobs palette!

    August 19, 2014 at 2:20 pm
  • Reply Andie

    I really love the Tom Ford palette! You can apply it to look really natural which I love! YAY!

    August 23, 2014 at 3:10 pm
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