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$20 Makeup Challenge

For those of you who know me, I love me some high-end makeup. Seriously – Chanel, Guerlain, Nars… oh my! There’s been a tag going around on YouTube that is the $20 Makeup Challenge. I think this is a really fun tag because it challenges you to think outside the box a little. When I did this challenge, I picked out all products I would use again – either in a more typical makeup routine or to put in my car as an emergency makeup kit. Honestly, the hardest part was not being able to swatch the colors before purchasing. The powder was a little light, so I had to pick out a bronzer to make my face look more warm. Below are the pictures and prices – you can click to enlarge the photos. Oh, and I caught a sale at CVS on Wet & Wild – buy 1 get one 50% off. I used the prices from my receipt and didn’t cheat.

{I didn’t make the mistake as most gurus on YouTube – I went for a good concealer and a powder foundation from Wet & Wild instead of a crappy drugstore liquid concealer from the drugstore that I knew I’d never use again. I applied the ELF eye primer anywhere I was putting concealer – on my eyelids and under my eyes to prevent smudging. I pressed the powder from Wet & Wild onto my face and used the ELF powder brush to smooth out. The powder is a little drying so I won’t be using it frequently, but does do a good job of eliminating shine. Then I used the same ELF brush to warm up my face with the NYC Color Wheel in Rose Glow. I picked a bronze section for bronzing, than swirled in the pink color for blush. This is actually really pretty & I’d recommend as a neutral blush. It was only $4.50 at Target. I then filled in my brows with a Wet & Wild eye pencil in Taupe and I’ve been using it everyday since I bought it since I love it so much. I also curled my lashes before eye makeup. Not my favorite last curler, but if you press upward as you curl, it did just fine.}

{I took the ELF shimmer eyeliner in black to line my entire eye. I really, really liked this! I wanted to try something different and it worked out well. I smudged the liner with the applicator in the W&W eye palette. I then took the W&W I’m Feeling Retro eye palette and took the top color on my finger and put it on my browbone. I took the purple on the sponge applicator and put all over my eyelid and applied under my eye with the sponge applicator. I then took a touch of blue and put it in my outer corners and blended with the fluffy brush that comes with the palette. I actually like these brushes – my only problem is they are small. I took the W&W mascara and did my top and bottom lashes. I loved this mascara. I can’t wear everyday as drugstore mascara’s tend to make my eyelashes fall out and break off, but I carry this with me in case of emergency and I do wear it occasional. To finish, I put on W&W 528A on my lips. I love these lipsticks and even at full price of $1 (I got my for $0.50 in the deal), you can’t beat it!}

{Final look! I tried filming, didn’t work out. A blog will have to do for now. I may film the products used for better swatches.}


One more showing the purple eye.

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