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Techno Cupcake - 2013 Beauty Favorites - Techno Cupcake
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2013 Beauty Favorites


It’s officially 2014 and that means it’s time to share my favorite stuff from this year. I’m starting with beauty because I just felt like it and I wanted to record it now. I’m planning on doing a non-beauty favorites as well if you’re not into this kind of stuff. If you want to watch the video where I talk about the products, you can head over to my channel. So lets just jump in with the products shall we?


armani master correctors

The master correctors in orange and pink from Armani is a clear staple. I’ve already gone through 1 bottle and I’m on my second pink bottle. I got the orange recently to up the amp in my concealing game when allergies were at their worst. They are light weight, easy to blend and pack a serious punch. I’m not sure anything can match these for me.

armani fluid sheers

I currently own 5 and I’m about to purchase my 6th (when it’s finally released!) of the fluid sheers. These are just fun! You can mix, wear alone, put over foundation, highlight, use as a blush, mix with foundation, use as shadows… the list is endless. This is the first liquid blush type product that I’ve really been mad over. It’s so beautiful and I’m sure there’s a shade out there for you. I’m wanting more of the “off” colors like the yellow and brown for some more fun in 2014!

armani foundations

Armani foundations have to be the best out there. The 2 I picked were the Maestro and the Lasting Silk. I don’t think you can go wrong with these foundations; it’s just a matter of finding the one that works for you. I just started using the compact and I didn’t love it at first, but now it’s a go-to for touch-ups. I just don’t think there’s a bad Armani foundation in existence. There just isn’t.


chanel eyelash curler

I think an eyelash curler should be a staple in everyone’s collection. Mine happens to be the Chanel eyelash curler. I love every aspect of it; the shape fits my eye perfectly and doesn’t pinch at all. I love how it’s a gorgeous black color with the “CHANEL” imprint on the front. Talk about sexy packaging. You’re worth it.

chanel volume de chanel mascara

Easily the 2013 favorite mascara. I got some samples of other products and they just don’t compare. I think Armani Eyes to Kill and this mascara are the bees knees. For this one in particular, if you like to layer product, you probably won’t love this one. Though I love just being able to put on a coat or maybe 2 & get out the door.

chanel les beiges

This powder as a bronzer is ah-mazing. We can say it together. If you are looking for an allover glow, this will give it to you. I choose a dark shade in No 40 which gives such a pretty “you don’t look like pancake batter” glow. It applies sheer, lasts & no real shimmer yet adds dimension. Lovely bronzer!

chanel single eyeshadow in lotus

I love this Chanel single eyeshadow in lotus. Cute packaging, perfect color for a base. I wore it all spring and summer and still reach for it occasionally. I know once the hotter weather hits, this will be a staple once again. It’s that lit from within vibe it gives my lids that I just can’t resist!


nars pro prime

I never really saw myself as a Nars girl, but they have really been stepping up their game the past few months and I quickly realized how many products are true staples in my collection. The Pro-Prime Eyeshadow Base is literally the best primer. I’m sure there are others, but of the ones I’ve tried, I have no desire to venture back to crease land. It’s lightweight and works. Just watch any other favorites of 2013 video and you’ll find this in about 90% of them. It’s that good.

nars radiant creamy concealer

I’m a complete concealer whore and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer really stood out to me this year. It’s lightweight, easily blended and doesn’t move all day. I’m not sure how Nars does it, but whatever they put in it works.

nars mississippi mermaid

I love the name, I love the texture and just about every other aspect of Mississippi Mermaid from Nars. It’s so pretty you really have to swatch/see it yourself to get the full understanding. This color is a great glowy base for winter or a great color to blend out with. I literally have to tell myself to stop using it at times.


trish mcevoy beauty booster lip balm

This stuff is so amazing. Currently on back order on the Trish web site and I can see why, this lip balm is the most affective I’ve tried. It plumps, protects and hydrates. I can actually tell a difference when I’m using it. I might order another now as a backup… I think I’d die if I ran out of it! There’s also a colored balm in Sexy Nude that I’ve been so in love with. It goes with everything, has the same great properties as the balm and wears so nice for a lipgloss.

clinique chubby stick in curviest carmel

This chubby stick from Clinique goes on smooth and looks amazing. I actually found this on Pinterest and I loved it even better in person. Easy to throw in your purse and wear with anything. If you’re always on the go, these are excellent.


guerlain crazy meteorites pressed

No longer available, but I’d be lying to your faces if I said I didn’t love this bad boy. It smells good, enhances my skin, evens it out… pretty sure it’s made of fairy dust. Fine by me.

dior vibrant blush in mimi bronze

Although many people find these blushes hit or miss, I’m a huge fan. The color Mimi Bronze has completely stole my heart this year. It wears well and blends out nicely. I love that this looks so natural so I wear it with everything. Bold lip, yup. Bold eye, yup. Naked face, yup. It’s good for just about anything.

tom ford seductive rose & bronzer brush

Tom Ford Seductive Rose is one of those palettes that I can’t quite explain, but I just love it. I think it makes for the prettiest, effortless eye. In general, if you’re considering taking the plunge on a quad from Tom Ford, make sure it’s going to be a staple. That’s the lesson I’ve learned. I think he has one for you, but you’ll regret each time you look into your drawer and see that $78 palette sitting there. The link I gave to the product is from Nordstroms because they have great customer service. If you don’t love, take it back! Lastly, the Tom Ford Bronzer Brush is a serious love. I use it everyday and am just smitten. I use it for bronzer, for powder and to sleep with at night. Just kidding, but if you watched my video, I definitely hug it.


Could it be?! I’m all done. Welcome to 2014, goodbye 2013. You were fun and full of excitement and I’m ready to carry that over to 2014! I wish you all the best in 2014 and there’s more to come from me!

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