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3D Printing at Home


I knew the day would eventually come, but my husband is now the proud owner of a 3D printer. Why do we need a 3D printer? For the full version, you can ask him. The short is something to do with making molds so he can cast stuff (yes, he has his own homemade furnace… that’s a blog post for another day). Though I must say, his face of pure joy was worth it all. I’ve never seen the kid so happy (minus the day he married me of course). So far, he hasn’t really made too much. Mostly little squares and such, but I’m sure he’ll get into more later on. I kind of blame my mom for buying half of it, but I’ll be darned if this isn’t probably one of the best gifts he’s ever gotten.

We went to Ikea today and got him a special table to set it on in the office… so it won’t be sitting on our kitchen table much longer… I hope. He ordered from a company called Solidoodle. They seem like a great small company; so for all of you that are interested in 3D printers, have at it.

I’ll keep you posted if anything cool comes out of it. Colin says I’m the only metallurgist ever that thinks it’s uncool that he has a homemade furnace & 3D printer. It’s not that, it’s more that I think it’s weird we own stuff like that. I can’t really talk too much because looking in our bedroom/bathroom it’s like living in a fully stocked Nordstrom, so hey, whatever makes the guy happy I suppose.

For all of you wondering what a 3D printer is, his is basically like a big glue gun. There are all different types; the type I specialize with is one with lasers for metal deposits. This one only deposits plastic material from my understanding. You can design parts and plug and and it will build for you. Though as I tried to explain, there’s a big learning curve even with these. Layer height, speed, etc all make a difference so he’s still got some learning to do.

Anyone else get a magical Christmas gift this year? I suppose it just goes to show you can never be too old to have Christmases you’ll always remember!



Seriously, just look at that face!

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