Beyond, Favorites


I love spring because it means winter is over, but my favorite time of the year is really fall. I love the weather and the leaves. It’s even more exciting in Indiana now because leaves actually change colors here and there are lots of trees to go around. I also love it because Lush releases their new stuff.

I just saw this video from Lush about their new abombinaball bath bomb and I could not be more excited. Lush has never been one for conventional items, so I’m so excited to see more “traditional” peppermint and other Christmas smells packed into their new range. A snow fairy wand? Peppermint soap? I might explode. Plus Ro’s new Argan Body Conditioner & dry shampoo. I told Colin this Saturday would be the last time I bought anything before my birthday so I could actually have gifts for Christmas… We’ll see how well that lasts with all this stuff!


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