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Acute Designs

I haven’t shopped in 10 days.  I might be getting the shakes.  I’ve even limited myself to just a face mask, 1 frog prince & 1 magic mushroom at our trip to Lush this Sunday.  I’m going crazy, I know.  But before I quit shopping, I bought 3 things.  These three things have gotten me the most compliments I think I’ve gotten in a long time.  2 of the items were from an Etsy shop called Acute Designs (  I didn’t wear them all on the same day, but you get the idea.  Thinking of getting another headband when my shopping ban has lifted…

{Close-up of the headband & earrings.  The earrings are really comfy and the headband stayed on all day to my surprise.  That rarely happens.}

{Wearing all 3 of my new items.  The blazer is from The Loft.  I got more comments on it than pretty much anything I’ve ever worn to work before!}

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