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So I’m working on additional content besides just blogs.  I’m starting to think about this as volleyball is ending and I’ll have some additional time to dedicate to adding content besides just blogs.  I’ve added a quick easy one called “App Happy” which is just a place to let you in on some of my fave apps for my iPad and iPhone.  I’m still brainstorming additional content – Organization Tips? Techno Tutorials?  I’ve done some technology related tutorials before, so let me know if this is something you’re interested in.  If so, let me know what you’d like to know!  Also thinking of adding a “Beauty Craves” which will just be a list of all my favorite beauty finds – these will be periodically rotated in and out as I find additional items.  I wanted to do monthly favorites blogs, but I go up and down on shopping where I’ll literally not purchase anything for a month or 2… so it hasn’t been working out so well!  The last thing I was thinking about possibly doing is a few hair tutorials.  I may just put this throughout the blog – BUT I always get asked how I do my hair so I thought it might be a good one.

As content becomes available it will be on the left sidebar (<—).  Let me know what you’d like to see.

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