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African Botanics Essentials


I’ve recently been into some luxury skincare items. I’ve had a good run with Clarins and I still think that’s a great brand if you’re looking for quality skincare on a budget. For some reason, a Brand called African Botanics popped up into my Instagram feed and I noticed the brand was on some of my favorite websites like Beauty.com & b-glowing.com.

The brand itself is made up of husband and wife team and here’s a blerb I found about the company:
[pullquote width=”600″ float=”left”]Formulated using an exclusive combination of entirely organic, cold pressed wild-grown African Marula Oil and other exotic, bioactive ingredients from indigenous Southern African botanicals found mostly in the Western Cape’s Fynbos region, the smallest, but most ecologically diverse plant kingdom in the world. African Botanics products are FREE of parabens, mineral oils, BPA, petrochemicals, synthetic emulsifiers, toxic preservatives, phthalates, DEA, TEA, synthetic colors and fragrance. 100% All Natural & Non-Toxic. [/pullquote]


The first item I’ve been pretty much obsessed with is the Neroli infused Marula Oil. This is plumping, hydrating and by far one of the most luxurious oils I’ve ever come across. I got a small sample of the Marula Oil in my package and while I do like that oil, I find this one makes my skin more luminous and plump. Both seem like they’d be a heavy oil, but both absorb quickly into the skin leaving it radiant. I often use them in the morning they are so soothing and luminous.


There’s a few things I love more than the product itself: the fact that it’s loaded with a whopping 2 ingredients (marula oil and neroli oil) & that it comes with a pump. The product is easy to dispense out. Everything about this product screams luxury – from the heavy glass bottle and pump to the product itself. I only need a couple drops for my normal/combo skin so I don’t think I’ll be rushing through this. Which is awesome because this product comes with – brace yourself – an $85 price tag. For the amount you get and comparing to other high priced oils, I’d say that’s fairly reasonable. And I’ve never seen a bad review. Not shocking. I will say, just like everything else, you can be a smart shopper. Tip: this is carried at sites like beauty.com or dermstore.com that often have 15%-20% off plus free shipping (I get no tax, either). The bottle is 2oz which is about double what you get with most oils.


I kept going back-and-forth as to which of these 2 products to review first. Since I couldn’t decide, I put the Pure Marula Cleansing Oil in this post too. Now, if you want to talk luxury, this is a luxury face oil. Absolutely not a drop of water is needed to smooth over your skin and remove makeup. After you rub into your skin (dry), I add a little water & it turns into a silky dream of a cleanser that washes of perfect every time. This is truly the king of oil cleansers.

Again, a luxe item at $60 for a cleansing oil, but you get 3.4 oz and only a couple of pumps will do the job. I use at night as I find it most effective since it so good at removing makeup. My skin feels so soft after use it was pretty incredible. This also comes with a nice pump and in a thick glass bottle. I had to purchase off the African Botanics website. Kind of ashame as shipping was not speedy (still waiting on another item *sigh*) and sets you back $9.95. If anyone knows where to find this elsewhere, please let me know in the comments!


Left is the cleansing oil and right is the neroli oil. Both come out clear and the neroli oil looks clear when applied to the skin despite the yellow color in the bottle. Both are light oils that leave no residue.

How I use: at night, I put a couple of drops of the cleansing oil in my hands and massage into my skin and over my eyes (I get no irritation). I take a damp bamboo washcloth and remove the product along with any makeup. I then apply a few pumps of the neroli oil and massage quickly into skin. I often don’t use a toner in between because of how affective the cleanser is, but you certainly can. I also add a pump of the neroli oil in the mornings if my skin feels like it could use a boost.

Have you tried this brand? Such a great natural brand that I’ve really been loving. I have tried/am trying others from the line since I loved these 2 so much, but these are by far 2 of the front-runners of the brand in my opinion.

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