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Angela & Roi Palette Bag

So recently I was looking for a small bag that was roomy enough to fit all essentials. I have a diaper bag for baby, but I found lugging it around was a drag so I wanted a small/medium bag to take into stores with me that was way cuter and I could always do a change in the car or just take a diaper bag if we were at a place for an extended time. I looked around for awhile and couldn’t find anything. I knew I wanted something similar in size to a Kate Spade bag I had before so I had something in mind and of course when you are looking for something specific, you can never find it. It’s when I stopped looking that Sam (Lipsticklady518 on YouTube) liked Angela and Roi and I discovered my perfect new bag!

Angela and Roi has a smaller selection of faux leather handbags. The bags themselves are great, but what is unique about Angela & Roi is that you can shop by color which lends itself to a specific cause. For instance, this pink is for breast cancer. When I purchased the bag, $5 went to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Other colors like red are for AIDS or yellow for childhood cancer. When you pick out a bag/color, it gives more detail about the charity you are supporting.

I picked up the pink palette cross-body bag. The pink is a limited edition color for October, but it was so pretty! It was just as pretty in person. I love how bright it is, but it’s not neon so it’s not too out there. The palette comes in an array of colors/causes so even if this sells out when you get to it or you don’t want pink, you can go another direction. I’m totally obsessed with the orange color of this bag. It basically is a simple bag that has a flap and magnetic closure. I like that it closes magnetically and is easy to open. The faux leather is pretty rigid, but good quality. The bag looks pretty much the same full or empty due to rigidity. Though it does have a little flex, I wouldn’t expect a ton of give. Its dimensions are 9.8w x 7.1h x 2.8d. Strap is adjustable.

Each bag has a ribbon tag in the matching color. You can remove it if you don’t like it or want to put it someplace else. I think this is just such a cool touch so I do keep mine on. It doesn’t flap around and I love how it matches the bag so it blends in and stands out all at the same time. They all have the “Angela & Roi” lettering on them to my knowledge, but since it’s stamped in the side it looks quite sleek.

On the back of this bag is a pocket. The interior has no pockets whatsoever, so keep that in mind. This small pocket can hold a card holder or other small items. I often stick my keys in there when I’m running errands so I can quickly grab them. Again, this is rigid so there’s just a little flex. You won’t be able to expand it much. I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t fit an iPhone, but I have a plus so it’s hard to say exactly though I think the iPhones are bigger/longer than a card case.

Inside I can fit quite a bit. To easily transfer from bag to bag, I keep all my small cosmetics like lip gloss, sunscreen, hand lotion, etc in my Louis Vuitton makeup case and it does fit in this bag. I’d recommend finding a small bag to fit small loose items since there are no pockets, but that’s just me. It maximizes the space best.

So I put in my Louis Vuitton cosmetic case, travel wipes, diaper, spit up rag, pacifier, keys, & card case in the bag. Not pictured is my iPhone, but it slips in fine. I can also fit sunglasses without a case in the side. while it is like a puzzle, I haven’t had issues since I keep loose items in the cosmetic bag. I can easily find my phone or cards.

Here’s the puzzle put together. I’d say it’s tight, but it’s not ridiculous by any means. I think this is perfect for quick trips. The bag is $65, but you can use my referral link and get $20 off the price of any bag. If you use my link, I also get $20 when you purchase a bag. I am not affiliated with Angela and Roi and paid for the bag myself. The referral link is something anyone can sign up for! I just didn’t see much information out there on this bag and it seems like a great fit for a small/medium bag so I thought I’d just let you know what it was like! Plus I have my eye on the Sunday II tote, let’s be real! xoxo, Andie

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