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Anna Sui: The New Black

A couple of weeks ago (maybe longer now!) Rachael mentioned some Anna Sui brush holders on her instagram page. I instantly went and purchased (as per usual) as these were perfect for what I had been looking for a long time! I had something else holding brushes, but they constantly fell over, looked strange, was getting overloaded… and just not what I wanted. My vanity is black & white so when I saw these black holders, I knew they had to be mine. I picked up a few other goodies in the meantime.


I bought 3 brush holders. They are made of nice shiny, durable plastic with pretty embellishments on them (Anna’s signature). They are $25 each, but if it’s your first Beautylish order, you get $10 off a $50 purchase. I also bought one at beauty.com since Beautylish only had 2 left in stock & they were also running a deal at the time. So you can get them at a slightly better price. I have my brushes sorted now from foundation/powder/blush. Much easier in the morning and they look so much prettier!


I also picked up an awesome mirror & brush. The mirror is like an over-sized compact. I love having it on my vanity. It folds down, awesome for travel, lightweight & easy to hold or sit somewhere. So pretty, I’m glad I went for this. I’m not sure this particular one is still around, but she makes other versions just as cute. The brush is awesome for styling. I use my wet brush for detangling still, but this is great for smoothing hair giving you Jennifer Aniston like locks (or so I think). It does some mild detangling after the wet brush does it’s job, and is great for touch ups or styling. I always wondered how people got their hair so smooth – it must be these brushes!


What my mirror saw. Such a cutie. I want to hop into bed right now.


The last thing I bought was her cotton squares (actually, they are rectangles). I bought them because they were $1 cheaper than the Shiseido cotton squares. Oh and purple. Really more because they were purple. But Anna Sui goes to town on every detail… look at that beautiful purple box?


Anna Sui’s are larger than the Shiseido cotton squares and purple. Did I mention they are purple? I found out that they do come with less in the box than the Shiseido, but I like the purple. They are just as nice, super soft and I love them with my exfoliating toners in particular. Oh, and they are purple.


I promised a post, so here I am. Though I really wanted to snuggle with this bear. Falling asleep right about now…

I purchased all products from Beautylish minus the cotton rectangles. Those I found at Beauty.com. I am no doubt looking into more Anna Sui products. I used to use her cosmetics long ago and am happy she’s making a comeback. Her sleek packaging ensures nothing is boring and everything feels extravagant. Are $25 brush holders ridiculous? No, no they really aren’t. I love them. I really love them.

Sorry for the lack of videos, but if you feel like you are missing me, check out the wonderful Danielle who has been knocking it out of the park with her videos and posts lately! I know I’ve been full of excuses, but I’m trying to get back on track. At minimum blogging 2 times a week (or more) and hopefully I have time to shoot a quick video tomorrow night. This happens to me every year, but I’m vowing to keep on the wagon. I spent Friday-Sunday (midnight Sunday!) at a volleyball tourney and my team has decided to add an additional weekday of practice. That makes it difficult for me to keep up, but I promise I won’t drown. Once I get on track, it should be fine. My mom is also coming this Friday for my birthday and I’m really excited. My posts next week will probably be birthday hauls or out and abouts with my beautiful mommy.

Plus, the Broncos are in the Super Bowl. HOLY COW I’M EXCITED!!!!

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