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Techno Cupcake - Armani Love Part 2 - Techno Cupcake
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Armani Love Part 2


I wanted to round out the post by showing you the remaining products. You didn’t think I’d actually leave you hanging did you? I purchased the CC Cream yesterday plus the Armani Maestro eraser & 514 lipgloss. The lipstick in 526 came as a gift with purchase. I also really love this Armani Eyes to Kill shadow in #32. I think you can still get it. Alright, on with it…


Rouge d’Armani 526

This lipstick came free so I can’t complain too much. The color is a plum tawny brown that glides on the lips. It has a slight sheen, but not high shine. It glides on smooth and feels like it’s hugging your lips… in the good way. Though I may not have picked out this color on my own, I quite like it. It feels really comfortable on and I think gives warmth to my face. It seemed to last a decent amount of time without fading and didn’t look weird after eating or drinking. Though I need no more lipsticks, this has got to be one of my new favorite formulas. I will be back for more… because I have a problem and it’s delightful.

Lipgloss in 514

This is a pretty milky pink for spring (I believe it’s also limited edition). This color is way lighter than I expected, but quite pretty. It has good opacity, but my natural lips shine through. I was glad I tried it on because not only did I love the texture, this color is a perfect balance of opacity for a baby pink while still looking natural. That’s hard to find so this color was pretty unique to me. It shocked me in person as it looks nothing like the photo online. It’s slightly sticky (but more smooth), but I don’t mind. It goes on smoothly and lasts for a decent amount of time. There’s no shimmer at all so it just provides great shine and color.


Eyes to Kill #32

This I bought awhile back but I’ve seen the color pop up every now-and-then. I wanted to show how pretty these can be in unique colors. Don’t shy away from them. I was looking at the colors yesterday and I’ve been interested in the Dior mono shadows, but I think I like the Armani better. The Dior seemed very glittery and these are more foil-like with glitter. This green is not overpowering and I applied with my finger. I like this because I also run less risk of it drying out over time. I won’t say these are my favorite ever, but they are very pretty if you want to add a little shine. Almost all that I have can be worn stand-alone which is what I love about them. I would suggest swatching because they tend to look different swatched than in their pots.



L-R: Rouge d’Armani 526, 514 Lipgloss & Eyes to Kill in #32


Maestro Concealer (#2)

I bought this because I’ve been loving Armani products so much and in particular their foundations. This concealer is lightweight, build-able and not cakey at all. It blends nice, dries down great and seems to wear well (so far). My problem is that it doesn’t really conceal really dark circles well. If you have really dark circles, this is not for you. I like it because it looks natural and doesn’t settle into fine lines. I am almost certain I’m going to keep it and put it in my handbag for touchups during the day. It layers beautifully and really brightens so I think this will be perfect for me right now with all my allergies.

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  • Reply Sassa

    Totally love the 526! How did you get it? Was it a coupon code? Although I buy a lot of Armani, I find that it’s the lip products that I’m the most taken with. Love the Rouge Ectasy formula!

    February 23, 2014 at 9:07 am
  • Reply Andie

    It was a free gift with purchase at Saks right now! I should have checked- I just assumed it was in permanent line. 🙂

    February 23, 2014 at 11:00 am
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