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We don’t get a ton of guests that stay in our house. When we do, it’s typically longer term as most of our friends and family are far away. One of the comments I always get is how I stock our guest bathroom. When I was looking on the internet for ideas of things to stock, I couldn’t really find much good information. I thought I’d share some of my tips on creating a better guest bathroom.

Bathroom Basics

1. A large mirror is a big key to creating a good guest bathroom – particularly if it’s small like ours. This makes it easy for guests to put on makeup and do their general bathroom prep. It also does something that was really important – it reflects more light.

2. Fabric curtain liners are a cheap, easy way to elegentify your bathroom.

3. Hooks are important to keep towels and clothes off the floor – get an extra for the back of your door.

4. Dark washcloths make your life easier and make your guest feel better about wiping all their makeup off.

5. Don’t forget candles and hand soap.

6. New toothbrushes are a nice touch. I usually put in ones from sale from Costco or ones from the dentist. That’s one thing I typically get a good comment from doing.

7. A guest basket is a must (see below).

Guest Basket

I bought a ceramic white bowl from Bed Bath & Beyond on sale + 20% off. It looks nice and is easier to clean in a bathroom than a cloth basket. You can also do a guest tray. Fill it with items for your guest to use. This is a great way to use up samples you have lying around or extra products you have. Trust me, guests won’t be scared to use it! A list of good items to stock:

– Razors (men/women)
– Shower cap
– Tums
– Travel sunscreen
– Travel deodorant
– Travel wrinkle release for clothes
– Cotton rounds
– Travel nail polish remover
– Nail file
– Nail clippers
– Q-tips
– Samples of skincare (100 point perks from Sephora or travel sizes from Ulta are great for stocking these)
– Hand lotion/Body lotion
– Tylenol (travel)
– Chapstick
– Hair ties/Bobbi pins
– Mini hairspray
– Mini baby powder
– Travel Fabreeze
– Mini mouthwash
– Mini toothpaste
– Floss

Also, have a jar of soaps to use. I cut extra slices of Lush soaps and put them in bags from Michael’s so guests can take them home or use them while they are here.

Many of these items I had extra of… Let your guest enjoy!





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