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Beach Day… ???

I lose track of time here. I think it’s Tuesdayish. The rain parted late this morning and turned into a beautiful day. My mom and I went to go get pedicures. Ok, it was $25 for a pedi and mani! What? In Indiana it’s not uncommon to see $35 for a crappy pedicure only. I think I could get used to beach life!

Downloaded Lightroom 5. I feel like it’s not that different from Lightroom 4, but I’ve heard it is. I also never paid for Lightroom 4 so I guess it doesn’t really matter (I downloaded the trial version and Lightroom 5 came out just days after… Thank goodness I hadn’t paid for it!).

I also found a cool strap from FotoStrap. Uh, instantly added to wishlist! I love the hibiscus color and the fact you can get it personalized. I bought a strap on on Etsy and I’m not happy with the way it attaches – it always falls off so I have to tie it and it looks awesome – let me tell you!

I’ll hopefully do a haul when I get back. I got some Wildfox sweaters from a cute shop here. I also order things when I’m board. Which means, Chanel Delice, Hakuhodo brushes and Jouer. Yes, sitting on my iPad all day is just crazy!

Last thing I’ll mention is a new magazine addiction – it’s called Click and it’s by women. I’ve already got so many great ideas and tips (I saw the FotoStrap there!). I think it’s about time women in photography start taking over!


Happy fourth rose floating in water!




My life – iPad and Starbucks.


Ziggy! Makes me miss Molly more though I think!


People act like I’m the only one on my iPad all day…. urm-hrm.


Waves at the beach. Hardly anyone there today. Let’s see how tomorrow is!


My new bird friend. He hung out with me.

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