Best iPad Apps

I bought my iPad the day after they came out, and I’ve been obsessed ever since.  I love having it in bed at night or on the couch while Colin watches football.  Amazing!  Here are a few of my favorite apps:

{Cut the Rope}
Such an addicting fun game.  You feed the monsters their candy while trying to collect stars.  Be prepared to call in sick to work to play this game.

{Airport Mania}
Another fun, easy & mindless game.  I like to play this one when I wake up before Colin in the morning or on road trips.

{Angry Birds}
This is by far a fan favorite.  I must say, I hated it on my iPhone, but playing it on the iPad is really fun!

A great app for editing photos on your iPad.  Has some great filters, but I love the ability to re-size photos.  Easy and a must-have if you would like to do minor edits to photos.

{Demolition M}
I played this game constantly when I first got it.  I beat all the levels and I haven’t played much since, but was really fun while it lasted…

{Cover Orange}
Probably my favorite game – those oranges are just so darn cute!

A super-sexy app that lets you browse facebook, twitter and other news feeds.  Not my favorite for browsing facebook, but great to add multiple news streams.

This app is just plain sexy.  So much better than using Safari to browse on.

Lets face it, the Amazon book selection is so much better than iPad.  I can bookmark and Kindle just knows… doesn’t matter if I’m on my iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

I’ve used this app way more than I expected.  It’s free, so you shouldn’t go without this one.

A simple app that lets you look at photos of homes.  Easy to read and save photos which I like.  There are some great ideas that look easy to try in my own home.

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