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Bumble & Bumble Primer


Recently, I’ve actually been fixing my hair (I know mom… You don’t believe me, but it’s true!) I mean full-on blow out style with clips and everything. I do feel that the tools I’ve been using have really helped with that, but recently I bought this wonder product and thought I’d share that first because I think just about anyone will fall in love with it. It is the gorgeous Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Primer.

It is basically a product you can put in your hair wet or dry and it’s amazing. I use wet and blow dry because one of its main selling pints was how great of a heat protectant it was. The B&B website says: “This mist of many wonders infused with 6 featherlight oils helps soften, detangle, de-frizz, tame flyaways, ease styling and protect against breakage, heat-styling and UV damage.”

I hear this is one of the first fully tested hair heat Protestants as well. I have to say, it defiantly delivers on all its claims.


It’s kind of like its a 10 but actually works. I thought this was only a heat protectant, but I applied in damp hair and I noticed right away that it was a good detangler. I saw on the bottle that was one of the claims. Then, my hair was smooth. Like super smooth. Another claim met. And, to top it off, it didn’t weight down my hair at all. I got quite a few days on my blow dry which was awesome.

I have long, thick, non color treated hair. Though I’m sure this will work on just about anyone. I really love this stuff and it’s made me start consistently blow drying my hair much more. I haven’t noticed any damage from that & my hair looks really shiny & healthy each Time. Perfect for summer!

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