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Burberry Spring 2013

Ah Burberry cosmetics. They have really exploded in the past year and it’s no wonder why. Everything in the line is simply gorgeous. There’s really nothing I haven’t tried that was a complete dud. There eyeshadows are like none other, their lipsticks are creamy and smooth and their face products? Forget about it. The one thing they have been really known for is how natural their makeup is. Warm browns and creamy earth tones. I honestly wasn’t expecting their spring line to blow me out of the water – I thought it’d be a nice addition to all their neutrals.

There spring line can hardly be classified as neutral. Bright (and I mean BRIGHT) neon pinks and corals made the line-up of blushes and lip glosses. Rounding out the collection was a show-stopping pearl gold eyeshadow. I really think Burberry went outside their box and created a well edited Spring 2013 collection that surely should not be overlooked. It’s called Siren Red, but it’s a pretty Siren Neon if you ask me!

I picked up 5 of the products including the shadow, one blush and 3 bright lip glosses. There was a baby pink lip gloss I passed as it looked much like Turkish Delight from Nars or White Russian from Buxom. There were also 2 lipsticks that I passed up including a deep red and a purple that seemed similar to purchases I had made from MAC recently.

All Burberry items come packaged in hefty cardboard packaging that’s somehow sleek.

When I saw this blush, I couldn’t pass it up. I love bright pink blushes. I think they add the prettiest flush to your face. This beauty is Hydrangea Pink (No 10). It’s pigmented and packs a bright, big punch. It’s pretty and feminine and blends well. If it’s anything like my other Burberry blushes, it also lasts a long time on the face. Either of the spring blushes were nice – I suggest closing your eyes and picking. I don’t think both are needed as they are quite similar when blended out.

Swatch of Hydrangea Pink.

I feel like Gold Pearl was a complete slip of the hand. I cannot resist a Burberry eyeshadow. This had gotten some lackluster reviews; namely for it’s light color. Though I think this is the perfect companion to the bright lips and cheeks. This has slight shimmer, but like most Burberry shadows can stand on it’s own or make a good friend to your other shadows. I like this better than Pearl White as it’s not as stark. It’s an extremely wearable gold and pairs nicely with the collection.

Close up of Gold Pearl.

Swatch of Gold Pearl (No 20). It does have some shimmer to it.

Next up, the glosses. Oh these glosses! Silky and just enough stick. Bright and opaque. Ohhhh I’m drooling. The Coral has some very fine shimmers in it and Mallow Pink and Pink Sweet Pea are shimmerless.

Swatches (top-bottom): Coral, Mallow Pink, Pink Sweet Pea. Coral is a true bright coral with shimmer. Mallow Pink is a bright orange-pink that is fairly opaque. Pink Sweet Pea is an adult neon pink with no shimmer.

All come with a doe foot applicator.

All items can be purchased at Nordstrom.com & at select Nordstrom counters. I personally love this collection and it’s up there with Chanel 2013 for me. I love how edited and cohesive this collection is. The good news is that only a couple items are limited edition and that doesn’t include the eyeshadow, blushes or the above lip glosses that I’m aware of. It’s a little unclear on the site, but overall I don’t think there’s a rush. Did you pick up anything from the collection? Anything strike your fancy?


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