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Caudalie Grape Water

Notice anything different? Decided to change my blog a little bit… and by a little bit, I mean a lot a bit. I’m really happy with it, but still working on it. I hope you enjoy the new look. I’m reminded how long it takes to change a layout.

Also, as a random side note, Saks is having 50% off many Le Metier de Beaute products. There are lots of products disappearing from the web site, but if you call a store, they will locate the item and ship it to you for free (but you have to tell them that there is currently free shipping and it should be waved). Two products I’m most excited about are the blush brush and powder brush. Oh, I could not be happier!

On to the actual reason I started this post. I was watching Well Taylered on YouTube and I got sucked into a product she mentioned – the Caudalie Grape Water ($18, Sephora). I have never understood these products (MAC Fix+ for instance). If I’m going to wet my brush, I’ll use a product specifically for that (for additional lasting power) or I’ll use water. Just spraying something like Fix+ never did a thing for me. Not a thing. I even tried La Mer spray water. Completely lame.

Then, in a 20% of whirlwind and wanting to look just like Tayler, I just took her advice and picked up. I even forgot it in my Sephora haul video. It was one of those moments where you are just in a hurry and trying to make sure you got everything you wanted… because 20% is a big deal.

Boy, am I glad it landed in my bag.

Caudalie Grape Water

It comes with a spray nozzle that distributes product evenly and efficiently. I don’t feel like I’m wasting product or fear putting on too much. I’ve been using it for just about everything. Sometimes I put it on before moisturizer, sometimes after. I wet brushes with it and even apply after I’ve powdered (especially late in the day after you can get that “cakey” look). It’s like I finally understand. This product, to me, actually feels like it’s doing something, though. Unlike the others in its category, this feels really moisturizing and energizing. I’m loving it as it gets colder because it’s adding that extra oopmh.

Caudalie Grape Water

I keep it on my vanity and reach for it often. I tried them all, but this one just works for me. The only problem I have is there is no travel size. I wish there was a smaller purse size option for this. It’s just so quick, easy and refreshing I want to go to there at all times. All day, every day. Caudalie Grape Water, y’all!

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