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CC Cream Showdown!


I’m going to keep this to the basics. Because finding the cc cream that’s right for you is… well… up to you. You know what you are looking for and each of these products have their pros and cons. The one that works best for me, may not be the right one for you. So let’s get on with it!


Dior BB Creme (001, $44, 1oz): Light coverage with dewy finish. Easy application with brush or fingers. Decent shade selection since these glide on and blend in nicely. Comes with a pump and I think a wide-variety of people will like this product. The only downer for me is the lackluster SPF 10.

Armani Luminessence CC (1, $50, 1.01oz): This is lightweight, sheer coverage and provides light luminosity. I like this as a base as it brightens, blends in nicely and has SPF 35 which is a good option for everyday. Though I think this is really only good for a very specific audience. There’s not a ton of skincare benefits. I don’t find it hydrating nor drying. It has a wide range of colors but I think most people without normal, good skin will not like this and will feel a little like “urm, no!”.

Bobbi Brown CC (Pale Nude, $44, 1.35oz): One of my favorites as it comes out purple and adds a boat load of brightness. This helps control oil, but can dry you out a smidge. So unfortunately, I think people with dryer skins may not like this. This adds a lot of brightness and if you have good skin, can be warn alone. Not a lot of coverage is in this one so I love it as a base.

It Cosmetics CC+ (fair, $38, 0.8oz): Provides an awesome SPF 50+ with great coverage. I find this hard to apply and I like lighter foundations. This one I do not wear as much, but I think a lot of people will really enjoy this one due to the sunscreen, semi-matte finish and coverage. I apply with a Real Techniques sponge and smooth it over skin.


So that’s my current range of CC/BB Creams! Any you use and love?


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