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Ch Ch Changes

Lately I feel like I’ve needed change. Change in my wardrobe: accomplished. Change in my makeup routine: accomplished (I’ve already renewed my VIB status at Sephora. So sad!). So I decided to change my hair. For the first time I grew it out and kept it long. I also cut bangs. Brilliant idea. Tonight I made Colin dye my hair blonde, which was completely anti-climatic as it turns out I’m more blonde naturally than I thought and picked a shade just a touch lighter than my natural color. Colin was happy that you probably wouldn’t be able to notice any mistakes… as if he made any… it took 45 minutes of “Oh my gosh your hair doesn’t stop!” before we got all the product in. So what’s next? I’m thinking change in my cooking routine. Healthier with more variety. I’ve already gone to Greek yogurt and I’m obsessed. Any good recipe suggestions? Once volleyball is over in less than 2 weeks, it’s so on. Martha-Stewart-Style-On!

Unfortunately for Colin this random shift in my life has also urged me to take photographs, so we’re getting our pictures taken Friday the 13th. He seemed ok with it, but I’m fairly certain there’s other things he’d rather be doing. Glad he’s a good sport.

{Molly was scared as Colin dyed my hair.}

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