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Chanel CC Cream vs Les Beiges


So lately I’ve been posting pictures of my Chanel Les Beiges and the CC Cream on Instagram and lots have been asking what’s the difference? A valid question for sure. I am not crazy as they are different products, even if it’s slight.

-Lightweight Foundation
-1 oz of Product
-Smooth/Easy to Blend
-Portable Plastic Packaging
-Good wear time with a base/primer

-[Les Beiges] SPF 15; [CC] SPF 50
-[Les Beiges] Glowy/Dewy finish; [CC] Satin, more matte finish
-[Les Beiges] Sheer, less build-able; [CC] Light+, slightly build-able


Also note that the lightest shade in CC Cream starts at #20 (what I own) and only goes to #40. Pretty poor range of colors. Les Beiges, on the other hand, starts at #10 and goes to #60. While not an amazing range, it does cover a bigger range. The #10 in Les Beiges has a little more warmth than the #20 in the CC Cream making it a touch darker, but I think that’s what gives it it’s “glow”.


I applied both with a brush. Both are smooth enough that you could apply with fingers. I know lots of people who apply with their fingers, I just prefer not too. While it’s probably hard to tell, if you look closely, the freckles on my cheeks are a little more apparent with the Les Beiges foundation and the redness on my chin is also a little more identifiable. I wear them both frequently but tend to go for Les Beiges “everyday” and CC Cream for longer days or days when I’m presenting/meeting with people. If I want to amp up the coverage, I do apply custom cover drops to the CC Cream which works great. Video is below!

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  • Reply Jayne Crawford

    Hi, great information here and your video. I was wondering what your favorite foundation brush is to apply the CC cream? Thanks

    March 9, 2017 at 9:13 pm
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