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Chanel Fall 2013

Ahhhh, the first day of summer! You know what that means? Longest day of the year, some serious Indiana heat, baseball games and Fall 2013 makeup collections?? Seriously, I’m not completely sure I understand what happened there. Not like I’m complaining or anything.

Chanel released their 2013 fall collection recently and I have no idea why. It contained a highly anticipated product – the cream blushes. Though, I don’t know why they wouldn’t just release them by themselves if they wanted to get them out?? I picked out 4 items from the collection and a new brush. So let’s get this party started!


I got a big Chanel bag this time!


First, I bought a new concealer brush. I have one from Sigma that I really like, but it’s way too big (I suppose that’s why it’s called the Large Concealer brush?). I found myself constantly stabbing my eye with it and found it was better for liquid blushes. This one, so far, is just what I wanted. Small enough to get around my eyes and dense enough to actually move some product around.


This quad. This stupid quad. It’s called Mystere (43) & it’s coming with its fair share of mixed reviews. While quite amazing, I can see why this might be hit or miss. First of all, it’s a serious fall palette and if you’re in strict summer mode, this will be a hard purchase right now. The colors seem like they are “typical”. Though, after getting rid of the majority of my palettes excluding Chanel & Dior, I really didn’t have anything like it. I also love softer grays/taupes/olive green’s for smoky eyes rather than deep blacks. This is buttery smooth and the bottom two colors combined? Wow. Just wow. The highlight color also packs a big sparkly punch. If you can get over the fall-ness of this palette, I think this is a winner in my book. The Best Things in Beauty did some amazing swatches that are very true.


Oh Gri-Gri. I bought this site un-swatched. For some reason, many counters are missing the tester, but have the shadow. Weird. This isn’t a gray color at all (though I suspected it would have been with the name like “Gri-Gri”). This is a taupe with some mauve undertones. It sparkles like a gem. I’ve heard the sparkle doesn’t translate to the eye like it does in the pan, but that’s how Chanel rolls. Subtle, then you hit the right and BLAMO. Fabulous. Gri-Gri is a great all-over color with some fall-out (buyers beware). It’s getting lots of hype and I can see why. The color is just amazing.


The last 2 items I bought online when they came out. Destiny (left) and Inspiration (right) were the 2 I picked out. I highly suggest swatching if you can before buying. These puppies are stupid pigminted. Like, seriously. I’m not joking. These are really beautiful and go from cream to powder. While I love these so far, I will put a couple of disclaimers on these: 1) probably not for beginners as they set quickly 2) I hear they don’t last on everyone. I didn’t have trouble when I first wore, but longer testing will show 3) work fast as these set quickly & turn into a powder finish in a snap 4) they really are highly pigmented; start with less and build up – especially with the darker colors.


All the products with their velvet packages.

Anything from the Chanel Fall 2013 collection striking your fancy? Or are you just trying to get through summer first?

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