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Chanel Les Beiges


I fully realize have a log backlog of requested videos that I need to do, but sometimes I just get in a mood and I’m just like “I’m going to do this!!” I have no idea how this video and blog post really came about, but I was watching FlowerBomb31 talk about her favorite Chanel products and she talked about how the Les Beiges powders really grew on her. I was convienced a few months back to get #20 as a finishing powder and I’m really glad I did! I love all 3 of my powders and in the before and after you can see why. I’m especially loving them for the summer because I don’t have to custom mix a foundation, I can just warm up my skin with Les Beiges. Nice.


First, I start with #20 all over my face as a setting powder. I use my Marc Jacobs Bronzer brush to apply all over my skin. Just after this step, you can see how much better my skin looks. I often use the Hakuhodo B103BkSL to blend out/dust off any excess and it also has the point that makes it really easy to get under the eyes.


So everyone kept saying to get #30 instead of #40 but I just went for #40 and I really love it as a bronzer/all over glow. I think since I’m so in love and using it all the time, I might actually get #30 because I do think I could go a little lighter some days. I use my Tom Ford Bronzer brush for this and I have no problems with blending it out. I usually start at an angle on my cheek then flip the brush over to blend and go all over my face – around the temples, jaw line, hair line.


Then there’s the beauty in #01. I had really mixed feelings on this one, but I’ve really been loving it lately. I use my Marc Jacobs Bronzer brush again and I take the tip of the brush and really get that pink color, then swirl the brush. I apply it to the apples of my cheeks and if you want, you can really build up. I have really loved building it up to give a healthy flush. Sometimes I top off with Becca Flowerchild to give extra punch, but I actually wear this alone a lot (especially with the red lip).


The Les Beiges are all very sheer & scented. I think it’s a lilac scent, but I’m not 100% sure. It doesn’t translate on my skin so I don’t really mind… but I could probably do without it if I had a choice. Links to purchase: Les Beiges 01, Les Beiges 20 & 40, Marc Jacobs brush, Hakuhodo brush, Tom Ford brush.


The before and after. I did no editing (but I wish I did since sometimes when I import they turn a little dark grr) so that you could see what the Les Beiges can really do. My base is Aramani CC Cream in 1 which is a good match for my skin, but my face (especially summertime) is lighter than the rest of my skin.


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