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Chanel Perfection Velvet


Chanel recently launched their new formulation of liquid foundation called Perfection Lumiere Velvet ($45). This is a new addition to their Perfection Lumiere line. This has been a highly hyped up release and I honestly am not sure why. Though clearly, I fell pray to it. It’s packaged in a sleek black plastic container. Perfect for travel or everyday storage. Yes, finger prints get on it. Oh well. Such is life when you touch things I suppose. I personally love this packaging and am glad they stuck too it. It’s not luxe, but is quite practical with at the same time being quite chic.

You need to shake the foundation well before you apply. The foundation comes out a perfectly sized spout. I find it easy to control and get the correct product.


I bought the shade beige rose 12 which is the lightest shade they have and the lightest in the “rose” section. You can see from above, the foundation is quite liquid and dries to a more might, light finish. The coverage to me is light plus and slightly build-able. Due to the finish, you need to work fast if you are building to avoid any cakey affect.

I can see 9 shades available and dark skinned girls are probably out of luck. Though I hear, depending on what region you are in depends on your shade range available. If you are looking to get color matched, I highly recommend you match to your face not your hand and give the foundation a few minutes to dry. As-swatched, the color was not a good match. After I went back and tried it on my face, gave it a few minutes, it was a perfect match. Though not shocking, I’m the same shade I am in the Vitalumiere Aqua range.

The finish/idea of this foundation is extremely similar to the Armani Maestro foundation. However, there is one big difference: the formulation. The Armani contains oils that cause the reaction from liquid to powder and the Chanel is oil-free.

up close

One thing I noticed right away was the scent. It smells… strongly… of a fake flower. For some reason, high end foundations tend to have a lot of fragrance in them. I’m not sure why. I’m not sensitive to it, so it really isn’t a con, but this might be if you have a sensitive sniffer.


This foundation and I had a pretty rocky start. I was really confused by it. Did I love it? Did I hate it? I certainly didn’t get the hype over it. After awhile, I really began to settle in with it. I loved the finish – when they say velvet, they mean it. My skin literally looks like velvet. And I also loved the texture because it feels so light on my skin. The pros were outweighing the cons, so I just kept working with it.


Application was by far the trickiest thing. I knew this foundation had potential so I kept working with it. There were 2 really big issues: longevity and clinging to dry patches.

For the longevity situation, I apply with my Armani primer (fluid master). I find it helps the foundation last an entire work day with minimal shine breakthrough. It also fills in pores so that the foundation goes over smoothly. I say, pick whatever primer you need to manipulate this foundation. By that I mean, you might prefer and more glow inducing primer due to the matte finish or need a more intense primer for longevity or even a more hydrating primer. This is the one that I found helps with longevity best on me personally and has the added bonus of creating a really smooth surface to apply the Chanel foundation on top.

This foundation does cling to dry patches. Most liquid to powder foundations do. So it didn’t really surprise me. After I started using the Armani primer, I did notice some difference in how well it was applying. However, I tried a few different foundation brushes and found that the Marc Jacobs The Face I brush has given me the most success. I dot foundation all over my face and then blend using the Marc Jacobs brush. I do not think you need to spend the $48 for this brush (though it is nice…), but I do think you need to look for a dense, yet flexible brush to help spread product. I found that really dense brushes made for more of a buffing type affect made this really cling to dry patches and just didn’t settle right. This keeps the lighter than air consistency without compromising coverage or making imperfections stand out. I started with a dense brush and while most of the application was good (so that might work for some), my forehead had lots of weird dry spots. I found the Marc Jacobs just helped it float on my skin.


Overall, I think this is a perfect spring foundation. It’s holding up fine in the 60 degree weather, but I’m not sure I’ll be reaching for it as much in the Indiana summer. I love how light it feels on the skin & I also love the finish (duh). Once I figured out the application situation, I have been constantly reaching for this. If you have normal skin and didn’t love the oily texture of the Maestro, this may be for you. If you have combination skin, make sure you exfoliate before application and find a primer that will help with the longevity.

I think most normal skin gals will get along well with this foundation out of the gate. Us combo/oily might have some adjustments to make. And dry skin girls? Just walk away. If you are slightly dry, I’d suggest a hydrating primer. If you are really dry… seriously, run girl.

See me talk about the foundation on my YouTube Channel (TechnoCupcakeCom)!

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