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Chanel Spring 2013

I knew the Chanel Spring 2013 would be a serious weakness; it always is. I have to say this one did not disappoint me. This is a photo heavy post – sorry about that. I even forgot to pull my Merveille lipgloss. I will just have to do that beauty later. My overall advice on this collection is to not only swatch the items but to actually try them on. I’ve heard a few people pass on items because they swatched in a way that was not a reflection of how it is on the skin. The blush and highlighter are perfect examples of that. Ok, off we go!

All the items together – like a big happy family.

Chanel Raffinement is pretty much the star of the show. I think there are so many reasons for that. Not only is this a palette for most skin tones, but the texture of this is like nothing I’ve felt from my Chanel quads. I will most definitely be holding them to a higher standard from now on. The texture is almost creamy for being a powder product. The other reason I am in love with it is because it’s very similar to the Tom Ford Enchantment quad. Cafe Makeup did an excellent comparison. Before this quad was released, I was searching for the Tom Ford Enchanted – so happy this was released! While the Chanel quad is $59, the Tom Ford is $75.

The other show-stopper of this collection was the ridiculously priced ($68) Poudre Signee highlight powder. I’m so happy I had a return because I don’t think I would have picked it up otherwise. This again has a beautiful texture and I’m so happy that I ended up picking this up. When I initially swatched this in store than went outside, it looked almost glittery. After actually putting on my face, that’s not the affect this gives. I love this powder because I feel like I can’t mess it up and it gives such a beautiful glow. If you’re looking for a highlighter, I highly recommend this. I’ve been reaching for it almost everyday since I received it. If you have a highlighter you love, you probably could pass on this.

When I first swatched this and people kept saying this was a pink highlighter, I thought people were crazy. Though after getting it in normal lighting, this does have some pearl highlight that reflects some pink. I do feel, though, this still has some yellow/gold that also helps make this a well-rounded highlight for me.

Chanel Poudre Signee versus Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight. I reach for my Chanel more often because it’s fairly full-proof. The Candlelight is more yellow as well as softer so I find it harder to control. If you have a very light hand or a soft, flexible makeup brush to apply, Candlelight is nice if you prefer a yellow highlight.

The item everyone is passing up is one that I think is my favorite from the collection. Frivole is the blush with this collection (not limited edition). It’s a gorgeous apricot color. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this blush is so soft and smooth. I have a little pink in my cheeks, so this is perfect for me to cancel out any pink, but still add color. I have been getting so many compliments when I wear this. I love this with bronzer as well to give a very “don’t mind me, I’ve just been hanging out by the beach in the dead of winter.” This was $43.

A swatch with a brush and swatched with a finger.

Or Rose (gold color) and Beryl (lilac) are 2 of the waterproof eyeliners. I use them both undereye as a highlight. If I just want a little pick me up, I go for Or Rose. If my eyes have quite a bit of red, I pick up Beryl. These are hard, but soften after a few uses. I have pretty pink/red waterline, so I notice a difference. Many people are returning either color because they don’t notice a difference. I think if you struggle with this area, either or both of these colors are worth a look. I wear one or the other every day and can notice a difference. If I can get some decent lighting, I’ll do a before and after. I like Beryl because it makes the whites in my eyes look brighter. I also love it because it’s not a stark white. These are $29.

I bought 2 of the Rouge Allure lip colors. This formula and packaging is to die for. I initially bought Precieuse and Fantasque but on my pigmented lips, you really couldn’t tell a difference. I returned Fantasque and kept the peachy Precieuse. That dark beauty is what I got instead; Envoutante. This color is a non-vampy vampy deep plum. I bought a MAC lip pencil to go along with it because the Chanel liners just didn’t work with it. Either too dark or too light.



Don’t be scared of these shades; they glide on sheer and can be built up. That dark Envoutante? Quite wearable.

Not in the spring collection, but were just dying to be added to my collection were the Peche lip liner and Mandarin Orange long-wear lip gloss. It has color on one end and gloss on the other. This does really wear like steel. I found putting on a lip balm underneath doesn’t really affect the wear time and makes it much more comfortable. The lip liner is quite nice with this color and helps the lip gloss to stop from feathering out.

Left (heart) peache lip pencil & swatch of lip gloss.

And my favorite purchase is the new Chanel Volumizing mascara. Holy crap did Chanel hit this one out of the ballpark! Le Volume De Chanel is seriously ah-mazing. Wears like a champ, makes my lashes look longer and more volume without clumping and holds curl all day. It’s like the classy version of Benefit They’re Real! mascara. That is clumpy and doesn’t hold curl quite as well.

I personally can still use this on my lower lashes.

Phew! Hope that was helpful! I will try to add anything I forgot (like the lip gloss) and see if sunlight comes back to Indiana for photos of the highlighter in the sun. I am so happy I skipped the Fall/Winter collection for this. Also, thanks little brother for my gift certificate… you can see I used it!


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