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Chanel Summer 2013

Between being sick and having a tough few days at work plus volleyball stress as the cherry on top, there’s not much that can really cheer you up and let your worries melt away. Enter Chanel Summer 2013 that seems to have been released just in time. I’ve also really fallen in love with blues and teals; the heart of the collection.

The eyeshadow palette was a miss for me, but the new Fresh Eyeshadow Sticks are a huge hit. Caution: they will burn sensitive eyes on the waterline. Other than that, the fresh effect feels cool and creamy and applies like a dream. It’s silky and lasts all day. All are limited edition. If you like a black base, I’d recommend the black color. I only swatched it today, but it’s a great base if you like the darker colors.

The eyeliner is one I love, though it’s not a must-have. It’s a pretty shimmery ocean blue that looks pretty smudged in the waterline. Though, blue isn’t an everyday color. If you don’t like to shake it up with color on the eyes, this will be a pass. If you want an easy upgrade and a pop of color, this is a fun easy way to do so.

The lip shine is a gorgeous color that I keep reaching for. Bright yet subtle. Easy yet complicated. If you love the Coco Shines, this one is a great one to pick up. I actually like it a little bit better than some I have – this one lasted a lot longer. It doesn’t dry out my lips (but doesn’t really hydrate, either).

I only got one nail polish – Azure. It’s a gorgeous teal-blue color that’s complicated and easy to apply. This is such a fun color for the toes if you like something dark, but want to try something different than deep purple or blue. All 3 colors are gorgeous, but I just don’t need any more.

Overall, this isn’t the best collection Chanel has ever come out with; though I think this will appeal to a lot of people ready to bust out and have fun with makeup this summer. I think they were smart not to release a bronzer or highlighter with this collection as we’ve been on overload lately. This is a well edited, fun collection that’s sure to please most Chanel junkies.

Jade Shore, Pink Lagoon, Moon River


166 Amour, 174 Daydream

True Blue Waterproof Eyeliner

So beautiful & fun! Leave it to Chanel to make me weak in the knees for teal and blue on my face. Thanks, Chanel.


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