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Clarins Haul

A couple of weeks ago, I did some major Clarins hauling. I’ve seriously gone Clarins obsessed lately. I’m diligently trying to finish up items so I can buy more. It’s quickly becoming my favorite skincare brand. So I thought I’d share a couple of recent purchases & some quick reviews after using them for a week or 2 in some cases. Also, Clarins does amazing gifts with purchase, so if you have your eye on something, check your Nordstroms or Macy’s to see if they will be doing any upcoming gifts with purchase.


One-Step Facial Cleaner (Orange)

One of my more recent purchases. I’m addicted to my Bioderma, so I’ve been branching out. I have the Mint version of this, but as it’s gotten colder, I found it too harsh for everyday. So, I thought this would be good to alternate with. This is really hydrating. I have to wait a bit for it to soak in before doing any other skincare steps. It only takes a few seconds, but it seems like forever when I’m in a hurry! If you have drier skin & want to try something different then Bioderma, I’d check this out. It doesn’t irritate my eyes.

Double Serum

This was a total splurge. I got sucked in with all the excitement, what can I say? Though I do love this, it does have some packaging issues. It’s hard to pump out without it getting everywhere. For $95, I shouldn’t have to waste a drop. 1 squirt will do ya, and my skin has become much more even in the past 2 weeks so I do think it’s worth the price. Just get a lesson on how to dispense it first.

Gentle Peel

I can’t say too much about this yet as I’ve only used 1 time. It’s a paste you apply to your skin and after a minute, you just roll it off. It’s really gentle, but messy. Will only use in the shower.

Lotus Oil

Holy. Crap. An oil for oily skin? Sign me up. There are 3 types and a couple of drops covers your entire face. I even wear in daytime. It hydrates, makes my skin glow & controls oil. Addicted after 5 days.

Eyebrow Kit

Also a winner. I love having 3 colors, wax and highlight in 1 kit. It’s easy and adds just the right amount of color to my brows. I like them to look natural, just a little more defined & this is perfect.

Bronzer #02

Such a beautiful bronzer. It does have shimmer, but doesn’t translate on the skin. Easy to work with and I love that it’s 2 colors. If I want to darken or lighten it up, it’s super easy. I’d recommend #2 even if you’re fair because it’s more versatile.



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