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Color Chemistry

I often refer to our house as the “rainbow house” as Colin and I have painted every room – including our teal closet – some color. We aren’t your typical couple when it comes to decorating or color, but I think it’s working as we frequently get compliments. My friend Kali just bought her first house (CONGRATULATIONS!!) and was having a little color pains (we experienced them, too). I have learned a thing or two about how to choose colors and some tips I think might help. My mom often painted our house, and even though we have different decorating styles, she helped a lot too in helping me take some risks that I think have paid off.

Rule 1: Don’t play it scared. When you first buy a house and move out of apartment living, the first thing you think is “I can paint the walls whatever I want!” and often times feel so overwhelmed people fall into the trap of painting everything different shades of beige. Embrace the excitement and go with your instinct of trying colors.

Rule 2: Know your style. Know your room. My overall style is modern. I tend toward dark woods or white furniture with clean lines. My living room is a robin’s egg blue color that makes the white look crisp and the dark woods pop. My mom’s style is more country and she goes for lighter woods and lighter color furniture so her living room is a dark yellow (and sometimes I think a dark red accent wall, too). If your living room has lots of natural light, cool or warm tones will be acceptable. If you have less natural light, but like the country/light wood color, go for a lighter warm color.

Rule 3: Don’t take too many risks in your favorite rooms. Colin & I learned a very, very important lesson in color when we first moved in. We were so excited and we thought it would be great to paint the master bedroom a bright (and I mean BRIGHT) green that matched our bed cover. First off, you were shocked everytime you went in that room and we often stayed away from it. Second, when we decided to get a new bed color and it wasn’t green, we were pretty much screwed. Moral of the story? Rooms you use every day and the decor will often change (like your master bath or bedroom), stick with more neutral colors. We painted our master bedroom a warm nude color and our master bath a lighter nude color to give the rooms contrast. Now, it’s more peaceful & we can change it up how we want without painting everytime our minds change.

Rule 4: Risk it with less frequent rooms. Our office? A bright royal blue. Our guest bedroom? A light, bright yellow. Our guest bathroom? A bright, toned down moss green. Our hall closet? Teal. Yup, bright teal. Adding bright color in rooms you don’t use as often is less of a risk. If it doesn’t turn out quite right? So what. Plus, the bright colors can add a sense of surprise and just make you happy when you see them.

Rule 5: Forget masking. Don’t mask before you paint. Complete waste of time. Instead, buy a cheap angled brush at a hardware store to paint the edges.

Rule 6: Roll in “W’s”. Roll the paint on with a paint roller in “W” strokes and fill in.

{The guest bath. We accented the green with an orangy peach color. Towels & shower curtain from Anthropologie & mirror from Lowes.}

{Our bright blue office. I bought all white furniture (desk from overstock, shelves from Ikea & the scrapbooking closet is Elfa from Container Store) so we picked a color that would make the white accents pop.}

{Guestroom is a light yellow color. The bedding is white and I made a headboard out of cork pieces and I rotate photos on & off of it.}

{Our master bedroom is a medium toned tone color that matches just about anything we throw at and still makes me feel sane when I walk into the room. Our living room is the robins-egg blue color you see peeping out and our VERY long hallway is a blush/peachy color that makes the hallway brighter. I tied in the living room color by adding a long rug in the robins-egg blue color of the living room.}

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