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I’m completely aware that I’ve said that I shouldn’t be buying anymore eyeshadow palettes, but hear me out. First, Laura Mercier made me cave with her stunning Artist’s Palette 2. Now, Clarins has sucked me in. But let’s just be real – I have a serious soft spot for Clarins. It’s probably my favorite brand. I think it’s also one of the most underrated brands out there as well.

I heard about the palette and knew I’d have to take a look. I went to Macy’s and my sales associate (Rose) had the tester there. She said it was gorgeous, and boy was that an understatement. This will be the most underrated palette of the season. And I love an underdog.


The palette contains 10 of their mineral shadows simply labeled 1-10. It comes with a double-ended eye brush – one side to lay down shadow and 1 to blend. It’s a cardboard constructed box that feels relatively sturdy, but not substantial. There’s a slight magnetic clasp it feels like, but it has a band that wraps around it like a gift. It also has a clear overlay that shows you where to place shadows. It’s actually slightly handy if I’m being honest.

My only minor complaint is I’m a fan of the mirror. If I were traveling, this would probably make do, but I like the mirrors that go across the entire lid. It feels more glamorous than functional and let’s be real, a girl’s gotta look swank.

The palette ranges from light to dark shades, but only contains 2 matte shades. The rest are a shimmer/giltter hybrid. They remind me of just sitting at home in my sweatshirt and sweat pants with a freaking killer cat eye that screams “I bring it everywhere”.


If you’ve been holding out on the naked palettes waiting on the grown-up version, I think Clarins found it. The shadows are all their mineral formulation and are quite smooth. I’m really surprised at how smooth the shimmer shades are as well. No fall-out, just all kinds of gorgeous. I swatched 4 shades as a teaser and I’ll be doing a quick video on Saturday. My YouTube channel is TechnoCupcakeCom!


So I’ve been asked, which is smoother – the LM or Clarins? I think the Laura Mercier wins for how buttery smooth hers are – but these are by NO means a slouch! I think both hold a place for me and I think the Clarins is great for the season to wear everyday to add some life. I think if you have to decide between the two, think about what would be right for you. Already own a boat load of neutrals in a range of textures? Laura Mercier is your palette. Want to love your Naked palette, but feel like a teenager going to prom? Clarins won’t disappoint. The Clarins is also a great gift for all ages, but I think particularly younger girls will love seeing this under the tree. It’s got shimmer, but it looks classy so you won’t need to worry about that stripper glitter that a lot of other palettes give. I personally think the textures and colors in both palettes have room, but Clarins has definitely come out with a stunner that I think a lot of people are going to enjoy.

If you’re looking for the palette, call Rose at the Macy’s Clarins counter and tell her Andie sent you – 317-882-6247. She is knowledgeable, helpful and all together wonderful!! These are very limited edition, so if you’re interested, I’d look into it!

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