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Wow, such a lazyish day. Stayed in bed and red some blogs (I’ll have to update my list) then cleaned out my car finally & spent over 4 hours in volleyball practice. Would not have been horrible had I a) worn shorts and not tripped over my pants twice b) my throat felt better. I’m losing my voice, no idea why, so when the girls worked me hard in practice, it’s practically all gone now. Oh well.

Will have some more reviews & posts this week, but thought I’d let you know my twitter name is @Techno_Cupcake. Feel free to follow to get all the latest randomness. I know you’re totally excited about it.

Also, comments & tags now work if you’re interested. Tags are like categories and you can click on them to see all the posts in that category. Yay, go me. Oh so semi-productive. Let me know what posts/reviews you want & I’ll be sure to include them. <3


{The message on my recent Lush order. Totally love them even more now. Got a great, full-sized product!}

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