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After a fairly crazy day, I was so unbelievably happy to go pick up my new Louis Vuitton bag!  She’s so beautiful…. Just the way I dreamed it! Hehe.  I’m excited to use it, but I know I’ll have to be patient and wait until the weekend.  Not sure if I’ll make it or not.  I took 1 quick photo – I got the Delightful PM.  I will take more this weekend when I get my background up and can take some better photos.  What a nice reward for a crazy day.  I also got my J.Crew order.  I will have to show that stuff off later as well! I picked up quite a few cute things including a Gabriella dress… or 2.  And the saddest part? I already had 2.  I think I’m just trying to get one in every color!  They are too cute and comfy to pass up.

{Molly enjoys humping my leg.  This “phase” has never passed.  Willing to ignore it due to her unbelievable cuteness, however}

{One of the Gabriella dresses – “Sweet Guava”.  Also scored a black one this time around… my little black dress for sure!}

{Molly being lazy while Colin plays guitar and I surf the web.  She’s precious.}

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