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Dior Brown Milly Review/Comparisons


I recently posted on Instagram (TechnoCupcake) a picture of the newest member to my Dior blush collection, Brown Milly. While the name is not the most enticing, since I’m highly addicted to this line, I figured I’d continue on my quest of purchasing all Dior Vibrant Blushes in the history of time. On the post I was asked to compare to Nars Douceur. I thought initially they would be very similar, but I was quite wrong.

Brown Milly

The color is a plum brown. The first review I ever saw described it as a “bruised” color. Now with a name like Brown Milly and a description of bruised color, I wasn’t initially too keen on the blush. However, Tarte exposed had always left something to be desired. It was supposed to be this neutral brown color that turned quite pink on my cheeks. Something that comes natural to me, I really wasn’t looking for a pink blush and I don’t feel exposed is all that particularly amazing (color-wise). I was yearning for something deeper, and Brown Milly is seeming to fit that bill. It’s less brown than I was expecting, more of a plum with a brown base. It does have some slight shimmer that really does not seem to translate on the cheeks. It’s sheer, but pigmented like many others from the Dior Vibrant blush line. Quite blendable and smooth to the touch. It has excellent longevity and is easy to apply.


In the Pan

Open it up and you can see Nars Douceur and Brown Milly are quickly not similar at all. Tarte Exposed seems to lie somewhere in between. Nars is not a horrible texture, but not nearly as creamy as the Dior. Douceur also applies sheer and can be built up. I find the longevity on the blush to be lacking and Brown Milly lasts all day. I also find it more blendable than Douceur. Tarte Exposed has a great texture and applies well. It also lasts all day, but on the cheeks pulls quite pink on me and leaves me with something to be desired.


The Swatches

(L-R): Dior Brown Milly, Nars Douceur & Tarte Exposed.
This is where the colors are really exposed and I think you can see more clearly side-by-side not only how different these are, but see the subtleties in the colors. You can really see the plum in Brown Milly, the brown in Douceur & how pink the Tarte Exposed looks compared to all of them.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a perfect plum, Brown Milly will fit the bill. It left me with a little something to be desired as it’s missing the brown I was hoping for. Though I feel like that’s what makes it unique. My cheeks do not look bruised and I love the blendability of Brown Milly. Douceur is a great neutral brown, but the wear time on me leaves something to be desired. Or perhaps it’s just a little too neutral. When I build it up, I feel like it’s too much. Exposed pulls more pink than I’d like, but the texture is great. Based on the price, if you’re looking for a nice plum, Brown Milly is it. If you aren’t into plums or already have a staple plum in your collection, I’d keep walking.

I decided not to schedule this post as I still hope to do one on Weds. If not, see you Friday! I hope to get a lipstick tag up soon… just need to bring myself to count. I have a feeling the number will haunt me.

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