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Dior Summer 2015


Dior finally released their Summer 2014 tie dye collection featuring the tie dye blushes. I say finally because I seriously felt like it was so long since I was looking at the photos on instagram. I found mine at Dior.com, but now other major retailers have started to follow suit like Nordstrom. I only picked up 2 items from the collection, but I have swatched the entire collection at the counter so I thought I’d start with my summary of that first.

Eye Shadow Quads

There were 2 released with the collection. The first, Contraste Horizon, is a really summery palette featuring a really pretty blue and green shade. The quality was typical Dior quality – buttery smooth, nice pigmentation, blah blah. I didn’t find this palette cohesive at all and I struggled to see the looks I could make with it. While the blue, green, yellow and browns are nice, it’s just not an everyday palette. The other, on the other hand, (Ambre Nuit) was almost too mundane I didn’t understand it in the summer collection. Maybe they are meant to be a yin & yang type of thing, but neither of them spoke to me.

Diorshow Khol

I actually loved this pretty blue pencil and thought it would be great for summer but gently had to remind myself that blue!?! What the h?!? I’m never going to actually use that! I had too many Tom Ford summer goodies on my list to have any business considering a khol shadow/liner stick. It was smooth, contained shimmer, really pigmented and had me ohhhing and ahhhing. Pretty, yes. Practical? Not so much. Someone said this did not stay in the waterline in a review I read, but I don’t think the intention is for that; this seems more of a shadow stick to me. So if you’re just looking for a bright blue liner, I’d check out Chanel’s selection of waterproof liners.

Addict Tie Dye Lipstick

Nordstrom and some sites are showing 4 shades, but I’ve seen photos of 6. I’m not sure what they all actually are, but these were nice. Sheer, but pigmented. The ones that spoke to me most was Nude Ever which pulled a little brown on swatch so I passed on it. The other was Fuchsia Utopia; it was really gorgeous! Though I felt like I’ve ventured down the path of bright pinks before and am very content with my Bobbi Brown Art Sticks. Those wear a little more to my liking (ie no reapplication) and the pencil/lipstick formula just works for me. Dior was more luxe and way more moisturizing. If I was a lip addict, one or two of these would be home with me because the formula is so beautiful. Though I felt the 3 pink shades all kind of looked similar and I don’t think you’d need all 3. Pick the more pink, red or coral to your preference and I think you’ll be happy.

Tie Dye Fluid Sticks

I’m not even going to comment much on these because I honestly think I’m the only one on planet earth that doesn’t understand these things. They are slippery, have no staying power and many go on patchy. I don’t get the excitement around this formula at all. The formula of these seemed consistent with others in the line, and like the lipsticks, are all kind of a blur in my head. Pick one to your preference and if you like the formula, these will be something you like.


The polishes seemed more Easter basket friendly than summer ready. The tie dye color seems kind of gimmicky to me – you have to apply one layer on the tips, one layer a little further down, 1 layer a little further down, etc to get the tie dye effect. I thought it would be cool if they actually had a color changing polish or something like that, but these were underwhelming if you were looking for some serious summer pop. The other 2 shades (yellow and nude) are nice, but I feel like there are better yellows and nudes and not worth the $$. Sure, they’ve got some shimmer in them that upon closer inspection looks really great, but no guy has ever come up to me at work and been like “ooooh that subtle Shimmer! is that Dior!?” So yeah, not worth it to me, but those that appreciate the finer details in life might feel differently.


Tie Dye Blushes

Onto the really good stuff! One item I picked up in the collection was the Dior 02 Coral Tie Dye blush. At the time, I was searching for a pretty coral peach blush so this was really hitting the spot for me. I will say, it’s slightly chalky when swatched which is a little bit of a disappointment to me for the price. It seems to apply fine and it is a pretty coral peach color (it’s not orange). The wear I’d say is average; I noted nothing amazingly supernatural about this blush. For me, this totally hit the spot as far as what I had been looking for so I’m keeping it, but for the price I feel like I’d tell you to skip unless you are also looking for the same type of color. If the formula was totally blowing me away, I’d feel differently but I don’t feel like the formula is really mind-blowing. There are probably other coral peach blushes that give a similar effect. It’s mostly matte, maybe a tad on the satin side.

For the pink shade, I also felt like it swatched a little patchy. Even on my skin tone (white/clear), I felt like I had to add a lot of powder to get the color to build. Jess (from don’t call me Jessie) wore this in a recent instagram post and it looked really pretty and fresh on her. It’s more of a nude pink than a true pink color and that seemed to translate to her skin. She said she used the brush that came with the product and that probably would work really well with this product/shade because you’ll need a dense brush that really picks up product to get it on there correctly.

Bottom line: both colors are pretty and the tie dye effect certainly lifts the spirits and puts you straight into summer mode. Though the formulation is just ok, nothing so mind-blowing that I felt like I was missing out by not owning 01. It’s pretty, will certainly get use from me, but if you have a peachy coral you love or a pretty nude in a better formula, this isn’t worth the high price tag in my opinion.


Lip Maximizer

This is one I’m really excited it about and reminds me why so many are die-hard Dior fans. I have always loved the lip maximizer but the color always put me off a little bit. I have really pigmented lips, so the color was almost bright pink on me which wasn’t really everyday for me. So I may have squeaked like a little girl when I saw the nude version (beige sunrise) of this lip maximizer and it’s magic for me. I wear it pretty much every day. It goes with everything and has a nice pigment and texture to it. Slightly sticky, but lasts forever so it doesn’t bug me. Super shiny and still sophisticated with a little hint of shimmers in it. It doesn’t say limited edition so I’m praying and hoping I can buy another when this runs out. My favorite nude gloss easily! Pink sunrise is a really pretty bubblegum pink and when I’m in the mood I’m sure I’ll pick that up later. I love the texture and longevity of these and I’m so happy they brought it out in other colors.


Tie Dye 02 Coral Blush and the Beige Sunrise swatches. I’m really sorry but I’m still not set-up for good selfies, so hopefully I’ll wear the colors in another post so you can see them applied.

Bottom line: If you’re a Dior addict and a fan of certain products, you will certainly find a shade or 2 that makes it to your collection. For instance, I love the dior maximizer so that was a win for me. The others are nice, but I’ve never been so in love with those formulas I felt the need to add to my collection. The blush is nice and will get use for me, but I’m not so blown away by the formula that I feel you should run out and buy. If you’re a collector/dior addict, I think you will enjoy it for what it is. Because I ended up buying a lot of the Tom Ford summer collection (oopsie!), I don’t miss the fact that I skipped a few of the Dior products to be able to get some other products.

Thanks for all the love on Instagram (where are you all coming from!?!? haha) and be sure to request what other posts you want to see as I get back into the game!

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