Double C’s

It’s a weakness, it really is. I was doing pretty good resisting a few items on my list, but after a few stressful days coupled with rainy day shopping, it just slipped. I couldn’t resist those double c’s. Just the thought of them makes me smile. So, I bought 2 nail polishes – Frenzy and Pirate. Both I’ve heard too many good things about and they were sitting on the wishlist for far too long. I was a ticking time-bomb for sure. Then, I really had been wanting a bright, beautiful fushia pink lipstick. I have no idea why. I just knew I needed it. So when I saw Exaltee, it was game over. Fast-forward to today when I came home with a pounding headache, an exhausting day of arguing and testing a program for the communications team, those double c’s sure brightened my day. It was like when I bought it, I was thinking of future me. So buy some Chanel from Nordstrom today and future you will thank you. I promise.

All 3 beauties in a line.

How they came to me. So sleek, so sexy.

Frenzy & Pirate. Frenzy’s formula is something I’ve never experienced before with a nude color like this. It goes on like cream and can easily be opaque in 2 coats. I thought I had a doupe, but after applying this, I just don’t think it can truly be done. Pirate is literally the most perfect red. If you are looking for a fabulous classic red, your search can stop. The formula for this was also quite amazing & creamy.

So despite the steep cost, the formula of these rouge allure lipsticks is quite incredible. It is so creamy and smooth it just seemed to float on my lips. I was nervous about getting a hot pink after ordering thinking “why spend the $$ for such a bright color??!” and I thought for sure it would go back. Oh no, it’s far too gorgeous for that. I’ll be rocking the hot pink lips this fall thankyouverymuch. I also adore how these open. You press the end and it pops out. So sleek and simple. Only Chanel could make me want to wear hot pink lips because the formula feels classic, so does this lipstick.

The lipstick looks more red in the tube but swatches a beautiful blue-ish toned hot pink.

So what do you think? Those little C’s brighten your day?


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