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It’s everyone’s goal to eat better and lose weight. So I’m not even going to go there. I’ve been searching for some easy & quick breakfasts recently because the granola bar situation just isn’t working for me. It’s not filling, not really that good and probably not that good for you. So it was time to find some quick, easy breakfasts I could easily assemble in the morning (because, lets face it, I’m not doing it the night before!). Here are 2 I’ve tried recently and really loved. Let me know your recipes, too!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie


Smoothie pack (I tried to find a healthy version), Milk, Peanut butter & granola (banana optional)

I mix the smoothie pack and milk with a small dolip of peanut butter in a bullet (that’s the cup). I remove once blended and added the granola. I also sliced a banana and put it inside and ate the other half. If you have an individual smoothie maker, this makes it super quick and easy. This was really filling as well.

Watermelon Bowl


Watermelon, blueberries, fresh mint & crumbled feta cheese

Mix in a bowl and enjoy. Wow, that was simple. Why have I been eating disgusting breakfasts every morning? Yeah, I can’t quite figure it out either. I paired with a mint tea. I was going to make some toast to go along with it, but I found this enough for me. So in the future if I’m really hungry, I might pair with a peanut butter whole wheat toast.

Hope that was semi-helpful. I find that even easy solutions help me out of a rut. If you have quick, simple meals, let me know!

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