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So I recently scooted over to Eco Diva Beauty to participate in their 10k followers celebration. I wasn’t the 10th, 20th, etc purchase (that would have been free!) but I did get a good gift from Kahina. There was a few things I really wanted and some things I’ve just had my eye on for the past little bit. In the haul video I do show 2 of the Dior holiday items that I’ve been loving. Sam did a much better video than me so check it out if you’re interested.


The heart of the haul was really these Kjaer Weis products. I really, really have wanted to try them for so long I just… couldn’t hold out any longer. They are a refillable system, but since I had no compacts I purchased them all in their compacts. I got a range of products – foundation, blush, highlight and lip tint. I haven’t really tried them a part from swatching, but the texture is quite lovely. The lip tint color really surprised me as to how pigmented it was! Blush had to be built up a bit to get color payoff, but was really pretty. I think if blush wears off very easily on you, this was very emollient to the touch so you might want to be cautious. The foundation looked a little yellow, but I think I can make it work.

The packaging was top notch and I was really impressed. It felt like they weren’t skimping – the boxes to the packaging. Textures felt nice, too, so we might just have a winner here folks!


Foundation: Like Porcelain, Lip Tint: Romance, Blush: Lovely, Highlight: Radiance


I also just wanted to mention the Ilia balmy nights lip balm. This didn’t feel super exfoliating but I actually think this will be right up my alley. I think this will be good for mornings in the winter when I just want a touch of exfoliation and no fuss. If you’re looking for something really crazy scrubby, this probably isn’t it.

I forgot a photo of it, but I also picked up the Zoe Organics Refresh Oil which is good for motion sickness, headaches, etc. I have been using it a lot for headaches and it’s awesome! I bought another to keep behind the bed. Nice work Zoe Organics! Love!

Hope you are having a great day. Here’s to more videos and more posts!! Cheers!

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