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Elizabeth & James White Perfume


I’ll admit, I’m not a huge perfume lover and it’s only been recently where I make a daily effort to put some on. I just cleared out a bunch of perfumes and just finished my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I’ve strayed from Chanel fragrances before and it’s never gone well for me. Not only do I love the scents, their prices are somewhat reasonable for a nice perfume and they last all day on me. That’s the key. So many others I’ve tried just settle into the sunrise on my way to work never to be smelled again. I have a limited edition Jo Malone perfume I like, but my husband hates it so I haven’t been back there in awhile. Enter Elizabeth & James. I ended up picking up the White version (peony).


the scent

Key notes are peony, muguet, & tender musk. This smells pretty strongly of peony. I’m not a flowerchild, and typically go for deeper scents, but I just fell in love with this one. I’m not sure if it’s the light and airy scent for the winter that just makes me happy or what, but I adore it. Even if you don’t like flower scents, you might be surprised by this.


the bottle

For me, this was all right. The scent was gorgeous, but oh that bottle. Vintage, yet modern. Sleek yet textured. So cool and & sexy that I couldn’t wait to set it on my vanity. They said they wanted something that fit perfect in the hand, and this one just feels nice. I love the white and gold (a combination I don’t normally go for). I also love that every detail is there; the engraved “Elizabeth and James” on the side just looks like there was thought put behind every aspect of this product.


final thoughts

This is the whole package – the scent, the bottle & lasting power. The only downside I could think of while I was writing this post was that you can’t see in the bottle. How will I know when I run out? Seriously, that will be a sad, sad day and I’m sure it will happen with this one. It’s pretty well sold out most places that were doing the initial preview, but the full line launches January 14th at Sephora. I will be asking for the black version for my birthday because I think that will be a winner, too. Keep it in mind if you got Sephora gift cards for the holidays. Treat yourself; I don’t think you’ll regret it. A bottle of 1.7 oz will set you back $75.

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