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Erin Condren Obsession

I have a serious stalker obsession with Erin Condren. My first and second order came today and I could not be more happy. One order was my life planner which I think I’ll get into that later – perhaps after I’ve used it a bit. My second order was a Black Friday order than included labels, stationary and a notebook. I thought I’d introduce you to these products now since it seems her life planner is taking over, but she’s got many other great options/items!


Stationary, mailing labels & Enjoy! labels

These were all 1/2 off during the Black Friday sale and I thought they’d be cute personal touches to have on hand. I picked fun, everyday patterns to be used at the holidays or any celebration. I love all the personalization!


Stationary (flat note cards – wild print)

These flat note cards just seemed so handy. I love having note cards on hand for just about any occasion. I’m always thinking “I need a card for this.” I love that these come with envelopes and matching return labels. I have them blank but I love the pizazz these add. They are $39 for 20 note cards, envelopes + return labels. They come in a variety of colors and options. The plastic case also comes with it so you can keep them stored nicely.


Mailing + Enjoy! Labels

I kind of just went for it on these. I mean, these are just cute and I’ve never had mailing labels before. So, what the heck? The Enjoy! labels are $25 for a pack of 23 and are also custom with my name on it. The mailing labels are obviously custom and come with 72 large circle labels for $30. The hardest part was choosing, but I love how bright and fun these are. Again, I feel like I can use them for everything… and I will! I didn’t realize there was 72 labels until they came, hopefully I can use all of them. They seem to have nice stick and I love all the cute touches she does. The picture above shows the backs of the envelopes these came in. So adorable!

Then, I picked up a notebook. Which seems ridiculous seeing as I just also got a life planner, but here it is.


Take Note! Notepads

I’m obsessed with this wild print and I wanted a cute notebook forever so I stumbled onto this. These Take Note! notepads are super cute! They are super high quality and the spiral feels quite nice. I decided to insert a calendar because I think I’ll be using this a lot for work and it will be nice to have a calendar add-in. These start at $35 but go up as you customize (obviously!). It came with the ruler which I am really stoked about because I can never find mine. Thanks Erin!


Monthly Insert

The insert calendar is tabbed which I love and above is an example of June. Each month starts with the month and a cute picture with notes on the side. This only has a monthly planner, no weeks. That’s fine with me, because I’ll just be jotting down major things on this calendar for reference. Right behind the calendar are colorful stickers that you can put in your calendar for certain things that are nice to haves.


Monthly Calendar

Here’s what the calendar looks like inside. There’s just enough room to jot down the important stuff, remind myself when we set-up a meeting, etc. There’s inspirational quotes at the top of each calendar as well as goals and to-dos. It’s a clean “at a glance” calendar that I bet will come in quite handy.



Next is the actual notebook pages. They are college ruled I believe. They are colorful & fun. Each page comes with Erin’s signature logoish thing on the bottom corner to add some additional fun. The only problem is this is too pretty (and expensive!) to just write down random things (as I typically do) so I probably need to step up my game and get more organized with my note-taking. The colors change throughout the notebook and there’s lots of pages so I suppose a slip-up of random notes won’t hurt anybody.


Blank Pages/Stickers

I draw a lot so I love that there’s some blank pages in there to draw. Not sure my sweet sketches are worthy of this gorgeous notebook, but hey, this is mine and I do what I want! There’s also a section called “keep it together!” which is basically like a folder. I made custom stickers since I missed out when I was doing my life planner and decided I wanted these for that. You can stick in people’s photos on their birthdays and such. Again, love the level of adorable customization they provide! There’s also a pouch behind this that contains some samples of stickers and such to further suck you in. Again, these are nice to have on hand as they are things like birthday to/from stickers, enjoy! stickers, etc. My only complaint is that this is a little bulky so I probably won’t be carrying my planner and my notepad at the same time. My purse is pretty big, but that would be totally excessive.



This is the box my Erin Condren stuff came in. How adorbs is that!?!?! Seriously, you can’t help but be happy when you see this. Someone said in a review that it was excessive and not necessary, but I personally feel like it’s part of this cute brand. I think it encourages you to buy more as they clearly pay attention to every detail. To each his own and I personally love the touch.


Final Thoughts

My items came wrapped in tissue paper with the “enjoy!” sticker. Again, I can’t help but smile and think these are such cute touches that I’m glad I’ll be able to add it to some of my gifts this year. Overall, just from initial feel, these seem high quality, nicely made and oh-so adorable. If you’re thinking of getting items for gifts, I’d recommend getting a gift card so that way it can be completely personalized. There’s too many patterns and such to choose from that you probably wouldn’t be able to customize it just perfectly. Plus, that’s half the fun. And there’s still plenty of time to send an electronic gift card. If you’re interested in purchasing, click here. If you only thought she did life planners, I hope I proved that wrong and showed you some other great options. I’ll be doing an additional post on the life planner and maybe a comparison of the take note! notebook versus the life planner if that would be helpful.

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