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Feb Faves

I just realized how cool “Feb faves” sounds. More months need to be like that. Maybe next month I’ll do “March must-haves”. Ohhhh…

So it’s that time. Monthly favorites. I hate when people say “not that time of the month…” so I won’t say it because it’s stupid. We all know it’s favorites time. Feel like I can’t believe February is gone. It still feels with us – huge storm coming this weekend. Super lame. I need a teleportation device. Or just some sun would be nice.


Tom Ford Love

Would it be a favorites post/video without some serious Tom Ford love? I didn’t think so. Loving my Cocoa Mirage quad for everyday. The beige makes a great base, the light brown is a great crease color and the darker browns at the bottom are awesome as liners or smudging out liners. I actually don’t wear it together often, I often piece this one together. Loving my In the Buff lip shear & Metallic Mink eyeliner. Both are even perfect together. The lip sheers are really expensive, luxurious and completely overpriced. What’s a girl to do? Buy 3 – clearly. The eyeliner is pretty new, but it’s a deep beautiful brown. It’s smooth and sexy rolled into an eyeliner pencil. I call it the grown up version of MAC’s Teddy in my video. I still feel like that’s the correct assessment.


Beautiful Makeup

Armani CC cream hasn’t left my side since I bought it. It has a terrible perfumey smell that I could live without, but it applies great. I love the coverage and radiance it adds. It’s quite sheer, but still magically fixes redness. I put Tarte Full Cover Powder on top. I love this combo. A light, simple base topped with a little bit of long-lasting powder that is also weightless. My face likes. I love my Armani Fluid Sheer in #13 because it’s beautiful. It just is. I’ve actually been reaching for my Dim Infusion a ton from Hourglass. I plan to share all 6 in a video/post… someday. For now, this is my favorite.


Dim Infusion

All of it’s peachy, marbleized goodness.



Tom Ford “In the Buff” lip sheer, Tom Ford “Metallic Mink” eyeliner, Hourglass Dim Infusion blush


Skincare Loves

I’ve been obsessed with so many great skincare brands this month. Stark, One Love Organics, Shea Terra & Shaffali. I picked one item from each line that I love. Best balm: Grapefruit from Stark. Best exfoliator: Shaffali Pineapple + Peppermint. Best oil: Vitamin B cleanser from One Love Organics. Best Cleanser: Argan Oil + Honey from Shea Terra. The Vitamin B cleansing oil is so great. It breaks down makeup and makes your skin feel soft. A perfect oil cleanser for anyone. Turns into milky goodness when mixed with water. The Shea Terra cleanser is a softer version of cleansing with honey. Makes my skin clear and my complexion bright.


Grapefruit Balm

This balm from Stark skincare is the balm. Smooth, smells delish, cleans away makeup, no water needed, no eye irritation, doubles as a moisturizer, cheaper than Emma Hardie, awesome ingredients, great company, sophisticated and pretty packaging… need I go on? I didn’t think so (plus it’s late and you get the point…).


Shaffali Scrub

I did a double take after using this the first time. Was that my skin? So glorious. So gentle, yet effective. Smelled kind of strange (not bad, just strange). Then you apply and that peppermint feels so refreshing, you forget about everything else. I leave on as a mask and let it do more magic and the results are amazing.


Also, this mug…

I love it. I use it. It’s cool. Crate and Barrel. Go team. And that’s all for my favorites. Good night, folks!

One Love Organics, Stark Skincare, Shea Terra, Shaffali
BeautySage (OLO, Shea Terra, Shaffali)

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