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First Look: Hourglass Ambient Light Blush


I got the golden ticket! That’s all I could think when I got this in the mail today. So yes I own all 6 of the Ambient Light blushes and no I did not need the Ambient Light blush palette (even though it comes with 1 additional limited edition shade). In my defense, I bought this in my sleep. Yes, I’ve resorted to sleep shopping. I vaguely remember waking up in the middle of the night, after having a dream that I sold all my blushes, seeing an instagram post about this and here it is 5 days later. I thought I would tell you that story to make you feel better about yourself. You’re welcome. Obviously it came in the mail today, so here’s just a first look. It comes in sleek gold packaging and it’s the same size as the powder palette.


The palette comes with 3 shades – Cheek shades in Luminous Flush (champagne rose), Incandescent Electra (cool peach), Mood Exposure (soft plum). I feel like the shades are a really good selection and range of colors. I like having a pink, peach & plum all in one place. They are a great size for blush and I don’t feel skimped at all. In fact, these are much closer to the full sized item then the original powder palette was. It is $58 for the palette and I feel like that’s a fair price for 3 really pretty blushes.


So here’s my super awesome swatches. No editing could save these. They are in fact light and buildable in color, but they do pack a much bigger punch than is coming off in the photo. I swatched the palette and below is the individual shade. I’m not seeing (in person) a large difference between the palette and the individual shades. I will say I feel like my luminous flush in the palette has a much prettier finish than the individual shade. I might be imagining it, but it just seems like it. I must say, after swatching these, I feel like a damn fool not wearing these everyday. I do love incandescent more than ethereal – I think it gives off a much prettier glow in blush form.


All 5 shades together like a big family. I do love the palette and incandescent is really gorgeous. I will likely do what I did before – get rid of my blushes and keep the palette. I might keep ethereal blush, but that’s it. They are really pretty and quite wearable. What I like is that Hourglass didn’t just slap together a palette. It seems like they put together a great grouping of colors and this is already flying off the shelves. If you were waiting for the palette instead of buying the individual shades, you made a very wise choice!

Where to buy? Sephora! I believe this is limited edition. Last year, the powder palette was limited edition, but they eventually brought it back as a permanent item.

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