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First Look: Nars Audacious Lipsticks



First off, let me just apologize for my blog being down off and on recently. I am really hoping the issue is resolved permanently! Due to that, I am delayed in getting this post up and therefore, I am going to try to keep it to the basics. Please add comments with questions – I will not be hurt if you felt I left anything out!



Nars recently released a set of lipsticks they are calling the “Audacious Lipsticks”. I have heard there are as many as 40 shades in the collection, however, Sephora seems to be carrying a limited set in-stores with a wider range online. I believe my Saks seems to carry a full line (or at least a fuller line) so I’d start there. Nars online seems to be selling the full range. These are deemed as a pigmented, “one-stroke” lipstick. I’ll get more into that later.


Nars is one of those companies that generally knocks it out of the park for me as far as packaging go, and these are no exception. They thought of just about every detail when it comes to presentation with these lipsticks. First, they are the magnetic closure; which, while unnecessary, is complete luxe. It adds an automatic cool/expensive feel, and, at $32 a pop, they better be pulling out all the stops.


If you have enough (4 lipsticks) you can spell out “NARS” when you lay them next to eachother which is just an extra detail that makes the packaging feel very thought through. They are medium weight; not as heavy as Burberry to me, but about like a Chanel lipstick. I prefer lighter-weight packaging as to me, as an materials engineer, feels more luxurious than a heavy material. Heavy materials feel outdated, but I digress.


They all come in sleek black Nars packaging to match. Just like other Nars products, fingerprints will be immanent upon first opening. Even the lipstick bullet is engraved with “Nars”. They were really going for that very expensive feel from the texture of the lipstick to the packaging and you can tell everything was thought through.


The texture of these little guys is pretty amazing. It’s really innovative as it seems to hug the lips without accentuating any lines. It is honestly a little hard to put into words what the texture is actually like because I feel like no words will do it justice. They are creamy and smooth. But that description sounds pretty lame if you’ve actually tried these out. They swatch and apply equally easy – which doesn’t always happen. They are just that smooth.



These were made with pigmentation in mind. Don’t think “oh, I’ll just get that purple because I’m sure it won’t apply that way.” You will be mistaken, not sadly as purple lipsticks rule… but I digress again. Depending on the color, I find that “single-swipe” is a fair representation. The arm swatches below are single swipe. However, I feel like it’s just not in my nature at least to swipe once and be done. It really depends on the shade. For instance, Brigitte was pretty much 1-swipe while Charlotte took a touch more work. You don’t have to press hard, it’s just that to get a good even distribution with the darker shades, you tend to apply with a little more caution & rightfully so.



So far, they all seem to have great lasting power without wearing wonky-style. It clearly depends on what you are doing, but with a little talking and some drinking, I still had Anna going full-on gorgeous today after 3 hours. After eating, I had to reapply. No big deal, but particularly the lighter shades don’t seem to really stain. They just kind of exist on your lips until they don’t anymore. I haven’t worn Charlotte all day yet, so it’s harder to say if that one will stain on me or not, but if it does, it seems like it will be minimal and have about the same wear as the lighter shades I have tried.


Final Thoughts

Overall, i am really happy with these. They are pretty incredible. They last really well and feel like nearly nothing on the lips. They don’t accentuate dry patches. They are easy to apply. The shade range is pretty extensive (if you look at all 40 shades). The price might seem a tad steep, but I feel like it’s in the same neighborhood as Chanel and the quality is just as amazing. I’d pay it over and over (obviously since I bought 5 in 2 days). I’d say this is the perfect line to go out of your comfort zone and experiment with something new & fun. Want a bold berry lip for fall? I’d start with these lipsticks. Need a bright pink in your life? I’d look into the range. I even felt like because of how they applied and wore, Raquel, a shade I never would go for in a different line, is really fun to experiment with. So my vote is: when can I get the 35 others?


Arm Swatches


Lip Swatches

Please note I was not intending on showing my entire face, so I didn’t reapply any makeup after a long day and a nap. I decided that since I feel like it gives a better sense of the lipstick on, I’d go ahead and leave my entire face in the frame. Please bare with me!


Bare lips











Well, I hope that was somewhat helpful. If you have questions… comment below!

xoxo, Andie

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