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Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheers

There are a few things that remind me why I love makeup, and the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheers are one of those products. They are pretty, fun, easy to use and oh-so luxurious. Donna made a video about her love for the fluid sheers, and it was contagious.

I bought colors 5, 9 & 11. They are all beautiful in their own rights. While I’m itching for more, I’m just going to have to find a way to resist. If you’re new to highlighters and cream products, these are where to start.

Number 5: A sheer, build-able peach. This was one I was disappointed in at first, but the more I’ve used it, the more I’m in love. This is a great glowy peach for your cheeks, though it takes some building to get a big peach pop. It also works great under peach blushes for summer. It’s got some “micro shimmer” in it as well that provides some dewiness on the cheeks. I hesitate to call it micro shimmer because it really just translates to a beautiful satin/glowy finish. When I took pictures and hold the bottle up to the light, I can see that sparkle, but it’s really not apparent on the cheeks. Not even build up heavily.

Number 9: This is a true raspberry color. This is the raspberry color I’ve always been searching for. It’s that Disney Princess cheek glow. Enough said. Well, that and that you literally need the TINIEST bit. I literally need a pin drop.

Number 11: I’ve heard this described as a rose gold, but it pulls more bronzy brown on me. I’m still working with this one a little as it’s too dark for me to wear as a true highlight. I love it just as a blush as well as mixed with #5.

I think these just remind me how fun makeup can be. Painting my face in the morning has never been so fun. I’ve used multiple brushes and find just about any dense synthetic brush will work. Illamasqua brushes work great, Hourglass brushes work lovely as well as the Real Techniques buffing brushes. Just dive in and start getting creative.

No scent and silky smooth, you can’t go wrong with these beauties. Like I said before, if you’re new to cream products, these are great because they are really hard to mess up (only thing is start out with a small amount as some are very pigmented like number 9!). They aren’t waxy or sticky. They don’t have grit. They last all day. I’d swatch them first before investing in one (I did, I only purchased from Nordstrom to get by 14% cash back from Ebates!)

5, 9, 11

I bought these on Nordstrom.com, but they are on the Armani website as well as Saks.

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