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Goodebox #1


Goodebox released their A Night For Green Beauty box #1 recently and mine just came in the mail! Basically, these are deluxe boxes ($300+ worth of product) for $110 (which includes shipping). They include full sizes of products that were all donated from green beauty brands. They will be releasing 4 different boxes and only have 50 of each box. The only thing I really dislike about this is that you don’t know what comes in each box until release day so it’s hard to decide if you want what’s behind door #1 or #2…. or… you get the idea. Their second box releases on Monday (June 16th) and if you click the link above, you will be able to sign up for emails when the box is released. The first box sold out pretty quickly but they released the brands in box #2 and I already want it! I’d definitely check it out because I think these are great values and in the next box is May Lindstrom and One Love Organics + other really good brands! Though I know you can’t get the box anymore, I still wanted to share what was in it in case you were curious about learning about any of the products in more detail (or if you’ve already used and have some feedback!).


First thing I pulled out was the product I was most excited about and it was the Province Apothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator. This is a dry exfoliator you mix with water or a cleanser. These can often be used as masks and with the ingredient of green tea, I’m sure this will double as a great mask. It says you can also combine with yogurt and honey. It has oatmeal in it which creates a balancing, soothing effect. I’m so excited to try this one!

Alongside it was the Odacite Acai Rose Facial Serum Concentrate. This seems potent so I’ll probably try for nighttime. It says it’s supposed to repair broken capillaries and improve circulation. Seems magical. I’ll take it!


Next was the African Botanics Neroli infused Murla oil. I already have, love & reviewed here. Also was a sample of the Lurk perfume oil. This smells really good and I keep sniffing it! It’s pretty nice because it’s got citrus in it combined with “dry woods mix” and bergamont. It says these are hand blended and there is no water or alcohol. Just the good stuff. I like!


Next was 2 brands I’ve tried but never used these specific products. First was Kahina Serum which I have their night cream and love (so far). I have heard great things about the brand and think this will be a nice serum for morning with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Last was the Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss. It has shine and sparkle but seemed smooth. It smells SO GOOD. If you want a tasty gloss, I’d say this would be it.


Above is a swatch – it looks much deeper in the tube. It swatches pretty sheer and will probably go on a natural berry color (with great smell).

So that’s it! The 1st Goodebox for ANFGB. Anyone else looking into this? I think these are great choices and I’m deathly afraid I might be getting box #2! I’m really hoping that the items are ones I have so I can get the new One Love Organics releases!!


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