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Guerlain Eye Primer

A couple of lessons learned on this purchase:
#1: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is
#2: High end doesn’t always mean the best of the best

You can probably see where this is going. I bought the Guerlain eye primer because I saw it in a few recent hauls. It also had pretty good reviews. It’s an eyeshadow base that’s supposed to prime the eye so shadows don’t budge AND provide a base so that shadows show true to color.

Currently I use Nars Pro Prime and MAC’s painterly paint pot. But whose got time for TWO steps every morning? Seriously.

I’ll just get straight too it, it’s extremely waxy. If that’s what you need in a primer, this is probably a great base for you. It took some building to get it to be opaque so that you could get a good base so colors went on over it. The more I built, the more patchy it got.

Apparently, it worked for some. I think as I have oily eyelids this just isn’t cutting it for me. Even when I put it on top of Nars pro prime (which defeats the purpose), I still got smudging. It just never set on me. It’s going back for a Armani Fluid Sheer – a product I truly love!

While this product didn’t work for me, I still wouldn’t recommend as right now I’d recommend a MAC paint pot at half the price. I’m looking into some of the Ellis Faas creamy eyes as a base as the MAC painterly still gets patchy on me and doesn’t always show colors true too life. The quest continues…

More Info
Amount of product is 2.5 grams (0.08 oz) and costs $37. A MAC paint pot is $18.50 and has double the product at 5 grams. The Guerlain feels more waxy and probably won’t dry out. It’s easier to get your finger in it to apply. But it just didn’t hold up!

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