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Hakuhodo Haul

Starting a few years ago, I got into makeup and I was looking for some new brushes. The quest basically began and ended with Hakuhodo. It’s a company that hand makes all their brushes in Japan. They are the softest brushes you’ve ever felt. I like that because I tend to use pigmented product or I like to build things up. Even their dense brushes, however, are extremely soft. Last year, they put on a price increase so I haven’t bought too many this year. I believe they are still worth the cost, but I was gutted to see how much the prices went up on some of their brushes.

I was looking for an angled blush brush as well as a duo fibre blush brush for some of my new products so I immediately went to Hakuhodo. Though the angled brush was slightly smaller than expected, I think it will work really nicely. Oh and did I mention soft?

I bought the eyebrow brush (K016, $15), duo fibre eye shadow (J214R, $27), duo fibre blush/foundation (J544, $41) and the angled blush (G503, $58). I usually pick up more than one brush at a time since it costs $9 for shipping no matter how many you buy. I’m interested to see how the duo fibre blush blends out cream foundation as it’s extremely soft and not too dense.

I will probably be doing a post on my must-have Hakuhodo brushes in case you are interested in purchasing. While they are some of the best brushes around, they are hard to find information about. I believe this is mostly since you can’t buy them in any store; they are only available through Hakuhodo USA website.

They come packaged in a pretty purple box with a pretty orange wrap (their signature color, I’d say).

The G503, J214R, K016, and J544.

Do they look chilli?

All-in-all these are great brushes and nothing I’ve had compares. Yes, there are some very expensive brushes, but there are quite a few that are extremely reasonably priced still after the price increase. I’ve tried Real Techniques and Sigma, but most of my Sigma were sold and my Real Techniques sit in my drawer. Sorry, they don’t hold a candle to Hakuhodo!


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