Because I’m sure my mom wants to know, I’ll tell you what I bought today. Chanel was having an event, so I went to get my makeup done. The lady who did my makeup was freaking ah-mazing. I was so scared because my past encounters at makeup counters have been less than stellar. I thought I’d give it a try with Chanel & I’m glad I did. I wish she had done my makeup for work this morning. šŸ˜‰

I got the eyeshadow pallette she used & the eyeliner. I also bought a waterproof eyeliner in Jade. <3 Don't worry though, mom. Those 2 uber gorgeous & extremely difficult to find Butter London polishes are for you. The most beautiful blue I've ever seen & a gorgeous sparkly red color. It reminds me of Mickey Mouse. Which reminds me of my mom. Someone tried to hide it, but don't worry mom, I found you one!


{All my goodies. Eye palette, 2 eyeliners, lip liner & hot pink nail polish}


{Chanel minis!}



{My eyes seriously look that blue. So impressed! I wish I had done my makeup with Chanel for my wedding.}

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