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I did an awesome video today for my return to YouTube. And by I awesome I mean I stumbled through it. The idea was there, the execution was not… but what are you going to do? To watch the video click here.

I talk about some of my favorite items I’ve purchased lately along with some duds.

I just want to mention that one of the things I talk about in the video is I’m struggling with the application of cream products. Does anyone have any tips and tricks? This seems to be the trickiest formula for me to master. It always goes on a little rough looking; never smooth and creamy. I just bought the Marc Jacobs Whipped foundation (not whipped at all by the way) and love it except the application. What am I doing wrong? Is it me or is it the product?

I also show the Nars Kauai duo which is spectacular as well as give my thoughts on the Bite Beauty Lip Mask. Sad part is that this is just a scratch to what I’ve bought over the past few weeks. When does the birthday excuse wear off?

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