Beyond, Favorites


Remember me? I guess time slipped away a little. It’s been busy here, mostly in the good way. Family visits, family reunions, travel, work and just general life. When I was in Arizona this past weekend, my Olympus OMD died. I was literally in tears. It was quite traumatic, and still is. Knowing I had to send my camera off to them is even more gut-wrenching because their customer service is absolutely HORRIBLE. LITERALLY CRAP! I’ve honestly never had to deal with it before and I’ve been buying Olympus for ages. Plus, what died on my camera was the sensor. The most important (and most likely most expensive) portion of the camera. So hard to wrap my head around seeing as I’ve only had that camera for just over a year and paid… well, a ridiculous amount for it. Wish me luck in attempting to get it repaired by Olympus. Literally, I might cry thinking of it!

Even though I’m down the good camera, I’m trying to figure out my other one to hopefully get additional photos and videos up. I think it’s been one of those months it’s probably better I stayed away. Like today, still jet lagged, I opened my Emma Hardie face balm out of excitement that it arrived and it had melted and spilled EVERYWHERE. Yay for watching money literally go down the drain! šŸ™

Hopefully you guys are having better days. I hope to be back in the game soon. If not, enjoy a 3-day weekend!

Below are some photos from the month. Got to see a lot of family in August… plus friends… and their babies.









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