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Home Scents

Time for a little home haul/mini review! I recently picked up a few scent for my house and I’m so over the moon in love with them I thought you should know more! I picked up a candle from Little Barn Apothecary and some reed diffusers from PF Candle Co (made famous by chelseawears).

I always grew up with my mom lighting candles, having potpourri about the house… and just about any other home scent you can imagine. Though I love the smell of candles burning, I will say I don’t really light them often. Really just fall and winter. I also am really hit or miss on the candle I seem to buy the most, Bath & Body Works. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them. I also feel like for 3-wick candles regularly priced at $22, their limited burn time is pretty sub-par (although, who pays full price for their candles?). Enter 2 new loves that have re-energized my love for all things home scents.

I first started with the PF Candle Co reed diffusers. I have tried their candles in the past, and while the weren’t my favorite soy candles ever (the scent didn’t pack a big enough punch on most of the candles), I was a big fan of many of the scents they offered/that I had tried. So when they came out with reed diffusers, I jumped on my favorite candle scent of coconut and gardenia. First off, I love how the reed diffusers look on my table. I love the apothecary vibe of the jars and labels so they aren’t ugly sitting out. The scents from the ones I have tried really do last a long time. I just flip the reeds over when it’s not as strong as I’d like it (usually every 10 days or so). I believe the site says they last about a month. Mine seems to be lasting that long and beyond. I’ll probably get 6 weeks of good use out of mine.

I love that the scents are strong enough to smell, but not overpowering. I read somewhere you shouldn’t put scented candles and such on your dining room table because it can interfere with meals, but that hasn’t been the case. It just happens to be centrally located so I like it there and the smell isn’t so strong that it has us revolting when we eat. I’ve only tried a couple so far, but I really love them. They just got re-stocked at pfcandleco.com. My personal favorite is the coconut and gardenia (already ordered my 2nd when it came back in stock). I’m sure a fan favorite is teakwood and tobacco. I picked up grapefruit, apple & jasmine my most recent round and all are quite nice. These are a great alternative if you don’t want to light a candle. The price dropped a little on re-launch to $22/bottle. I think for the scents and time lasted, I have no issues with the price point.

You guys know I’m a big fan of LBA skincare already. When they said they were releasing candles, I was quite intrigued. I haven’t really been impressed by a soy candle to date and this one really has impressed me. So much so that I already have on order another one. I started with clove and orange. I was really surprised (not sure why) but this had a really heavy clove scent and I thought it would be more citrus. It doesn’t matter, it still smells amazing! The scent really fills the room and I love how clean soy candles burn.

I’ve actually had issues with PF Candles in the past where some (including beloved teakwood and tobacco) just didn’t scent my house. My mom had the same experience. Some were better than others, but I loved the idea of soy candles I just hadn’t really found the right one yet. These from LBA are really scented so I haven’t had issues with the one and I’ll update the post/instagram once I get my second if it’s just as good (but my guess is it will be). These also burn a really long time (I think the bottle says 50 hours) and I’m easily on pace for that long. For $24, the scent and the burn time I think makes the price really reasonable. My only critique is that the 3 scents listed, and I can speak for the clove and orange, is it screams fall and winter. I think they mentioned these are fall/winter launches so I do hope that once spring/summer rolls around they have some different scents because I feel like this one just makes me feel cozy… not tropical! You can purchase from their web site.

What are some of your favorite home scents? These are getting lots of love around my house!

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