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Hourglass Ambient Light

So I’m super rusty at editing and very awkward and filming, so I’m still working on the video. I just wanted to get this post up now.

I have all 6 new Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. They are made to illuminate your face and mimic different types of lighting. These powders are absolutely stunning. Finely milled, easy to apply and make my face glow. I use at least one a day if not 2 or 3!

With words like “illuminate” it’s easy to confuse these with highlighters. If you go in with that assumption, you will be highly disappointed. While a couple can be built up to slight highlighters, these really just diffuse your skin’s pores and create a soft look. They brighten the skin without/minimal shimmer. They aren’t meant as finishing powder, but if you have dry skin can be placed directly on top of foundation. I have oily skin and I powder as normal and add on top of powder.

While there are mixed reviews, I personally think 1 or 2 (or 6) should be in your collection. I would suggest trying before you buy and thinking about how you want to liven up your skin. If you feel you don’t have dull skin and you like brighter highlighters, these probably won’t be holy grail for you. I love these under my eyes, as bronzer, as brightener and as a diffuser. So I feel as though these are must-have for me.

Since this post is pretty photo heavy, I didn’t compare these to the Guerlain Météorites. Overall, the Guerlain powders are slightly more shimmery, but still just brighten the face. I do put them all over when I use them. I like the idea of the Météorites, but I like having a color choice in the Ambient Light powders (instead of mixing multiple colors). If you just want a skin brightener, I’d suggested the Météorites. If you want some options or a specific color, I’d suggest the Ambient Light powders. I also think the Hourglass powders lend themselves better to travel and ease of use overall.

All 6 beauties. A mirror comes in the packaging. Overall I find the packaging slightly bulky, even though sleek. I don’t personally feel as though it feels cheap, I just feel that Hourglass has done more unique packaging and this seems pretty standard.

The powders closed.

Radiant Light – “golden beige”

This one is the darkest of all the powders and I use this as a bronzer. I tap onto a bronzer brush and have at it. It livens up my skin. Though there is noticeable shimmer in the compact when swatched, when put on the face it’s not apparent. If you are very fair or just want to extend a glow, I’d recommend trying this powder. This is usually the least favorite, but is one of my daily staples. When you head to the store, bring a bronzer brush and try it out.

Luminous Light – “champagne pearl powder”

Luminous Light is one that I think can be built up as a highlight or put all over your face lightly. It has some shimmer in it and if you go overboard on your entire face, it might be noticeable. This one is more neutral so light to medium skin tones can wear all over their face.

Mood Light – “soft, sheer lavender pink powder”

Mood light is one I thought that would be a favorite. Though I do reach for it often, I find that since I don’t have dull skin, I use it more to liven up blush. I use it under or over blushes to give more of a glow and pairs nice with any bronzer. If you have dull skin, you will love this all over your face. If you have pink undertones and want to bring them out, you will also find this one useful and beautiful all over.

Dim Light – “Dim Light – neutral peach beige powder”

If you are looking for a neutral powder that packs a punch with little shimmer, then Dim Light will be your choice. I think this is one of the more popular of the powders and I can see why. It’s a nice easy transition into these powders. I love this because I can just whack it on and move on with my life. It diffuses pores and gives a softening affect on my face. Yes, I did swatch the color, but you can barely see. It blends into my skin nicely and is difficult for me to swatch on my skin tone – but it is there!

Ethereal Light – “opalescent sheer, cool white powder”

Ethereal Light is like a translucent powder on crack. It goes on even and not chalky at all. It magically brightens up everything it touches. I love this under my eyes in particular. Dark circles? Forget about it. Magic, I tell you. Though I will warn, one morning I found it to be a little too bright and was thankful no photos were taken that day. If you plan to wear under your eyes, I’d use a light hand.

Diffused Light – “soft, warm pale yellow powder”

I thought I wouldn’t really love this powder, but I was oh so wrong. Because I fall more pink, I just bought this so I could have all 6. Turns out, I don’t want my entire face pink. I have been using this one particularly on my chin and around my nose. It erases that too pink color I hate from break-outs or irritation. The yellow is a really warm yellow so I find it’s also excellent under my eyes and blends into my skin nicely.

I apply the powders with various brushes. I did purchase the Hourglass Ambient Light brush but I’m considering taking it back. I am so lackluster about it, I didn’t even photograph it! I like using my Bobbi Brown bronzing brush for Radiant light in particular. I also use for Mood Light all over my cheeks. The Bobbi Brown powder brush is soft and malleable so it’s easy to use a light hand with colors that I want all over my face like Dim, Diffused or Mood. My MAC 224 brush is one I use to apply Diffused or Ethereal under my eyes. My new Illamasqua blush up blush brush is great for packing on colors that I want to wear as highlighters.

The powders are $45 each and can be purchased at Sephora. My store finally got them out on display so your store should also have them out. I would recommend try before you buy and keep an open mind on how you use them. They are multi-use in my opinion. Hope this was helpful!


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